02 July 2011

July Update

I FINALLY MOVED!!!!!!! But the unpacking process... *groans*

Yep, my posting activity will still be out of whack for a while. I'll be spending some time in Washington DC for the next few weeks with busy work... and visiting cool places. Because of these two things, I will do my best to post stuff in the next few days. :)

As for my current material, I am still in my anime phase and I continue to check out new series. I prefer to finish a series before I rant about it on my blog, but if it's an exception (like freakin Ergo Proxy or the never-ending Naruto), I might add my few cents on it. If you are a fellow anime fan, I will accept recommendations (something with GOOD PLOT and CHARACTERS, please. ^_^)

Last month's views shocked me. It's great that people all over the world are interested in spending some time reading the ramblings of a minuscule individual in the United States. My opinions might not matter in the great scheme of things, but I'm still very thankful. :)

Enjoy my insane asylum to your heart's content!
... ... or I'll lock you up. :P


Tenebris In Lux said...

Glad to here that there's some process going on, I get a little excited when I see your blog pop up on my Blogger dashboard ^^

Hoping for pictures, or at least some good descriptions of the places you are visiting. I am staying in the same old place when boyfriend and friends are across the country. Sad face.

Still think you should get into Deathnote. It's the only anime series that I'm into -- I've only read it, saw a few episodes on the old standby that is Youtube -- but it's pretty good. Might get into some more anime in the future, not sure ..

Rodster said...

Watch out - she's back for another month of Light philosophy!!!!

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