15 July 2011

It's All Over

Fangirl is predictable when it comes to this. This has saddened me so much that "The Funeral of Hearts" would tempt me into performing seppuku rather than cry in a celebratory manner.

The Harry Potter films... have been completed. Dear god... the end of an era.

While watching the midnight premier last night without my friends (T-T), I cried at least four times within three hours. It will be very hard to get over the series I followed loyally since the autumn of 2001. I'm sure almost every fan on the planet who is as sad as I are complaining on the internet or any other communicative media, but still... This is the first time I felt a huge part of me has died in the a very bittersweet way. As much as I'm dying to get a time machine and go through the experience of waiting for these films all over again, I'm still happy that Harry Potter ended and left me entertained until the end.

But now I need something else to heavily and emotionally invest in...

I won't review this movie yet, since I might watch it again so I can observe it more objectively. Sorry for the silence for the past few days; I just finished a four page essay for class. Looks like I'm gonna have to get more than three hours of sleep tonight! XD

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