21 July 2011

Yes, I'm Still Alive

Essay after essay with a group project to end it all. ... lovely.

My "vacation" in DC is not too bad, since the city is far more interesting than lazy rural/suburban Pennsylvania, but I sure am getting beaten by the summer program. Obviously it's a college-level course and the difficulty is amped up at high levels, but let the whiny high schooler complain a bit. Despite the long papers I have to write, I really enjoy the analytical, in-depth lectures my class gets for three hours Monday thru Friday. (Honestly, it's not as bad as it sounds... most times.) Out of every class I ever took, only AP History was almost as engaging as this.

When I was not enjoying scholarly torture, I got to buy The Sims Medieval. That game is so addictive that it has now taken over most of my time in the evenings. You could say it's easy for Fangirl to be consumed by this game series... or bluntly put, Fangirl has no life. XD

Other things I have done include... seeing the final Harry Potter movie... watching and refusing to finish Gurren Lagann... going on field trips (one of which was the Finnish Embassy *squee moment*)... and debating when to put pictures up. Maybe I should do that...

At this point, I'm going to finish my summer course and spend more time around the wonderful capital city. IF I post a new review, it might be Gurren Lagann (if I finish it)... if it's a rant... good luck predicting that one.

Back to my research paper on North Korea... *groans*

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