02 July 2011

Oh, to Be Sheltered Again...

I hate downloading. Whoever came up with it should be punched, kicked, and left in the middle of a battlefield at the mercy of terrorist warfare. ...Okay, that's going overboard.

Today's world is full of double-edged sword opportunities; however, that has always been true. Sure, we have the internet and we can meet people across the globe via a tiny chunk of metal. We have planes to travel to the other end of Earth in a matter of hours. Ideas spread anywhere and everywhere there are computers, phones, and people who can afford them. Yes, it's wonderful that we are more connected to each other than ever before. But it still sucks.

Another law of the universe seems to be that the majority tends to hold more power or voice than the minority. It doesn't apply to everything (EX: government), but that's beside the point. Take Pandora Internet Radio. In order for new (or old) music to be added to the library, enough people have to request the artist, song, or album. And it's a pain in the behind when an independent band from a country that no one acknowledges often is requested by a few people is competing with the latest hit wonder that'll last for two days.

Many times I have run into the issue of wanting something, but a public place does not have it offered.When I'm at FYE or Best Buy, I sulk out because the music selection is annoyingly tiny and limited to popular American acts or recent material. The best part is when I see two Children of Bodom albums for sale at the far corner while Linkin Park takes up at least seven shelves of unsold material. I browse on Amazon.com for a copy of the entire season of the dubbed When They Cry. Only one copy remains and it's nearly $150; no other site online has it in stock. I go out to find a book someone recommended, but every store in my area doesn't sell it.

But man, the music bothers me the most.

One of the greatest problems with iTunes is its separate stores by country. What if you want an album that has never been released here but is available on an international iTunes store? Guess what? You can't buy anything outside your country.

It sucks when you find something so "underground" or so foreign that you can't go to a safe place to get it. Some people resort to downloading because they are too lazy to buy the real thing in stores; however, if you're like me, you are forced to download things because you can't get them anywhere else. Since I'm still in my phase, I had run into many good songs in anime and I had the desire to buy it. But I have to resort to hours of research to find a way to get the songs and not get cheated or have a nasty computer virus.

We can share, but we cannot take. We can talk about something for sale on country A, but we can't have it. We can stare at the window for hours just for that piece of entertainment, but we can't enter the store. And the impatient one will break the windows and steal the item he/she wants. That is downloading, and I hate it.

On the bright side, I was lucky with finding the opening song from Mars on iTunes. But if only...

Thankfully I sometimes consider downloading, but I rarely ever do it. If there is a show or movie I want to watch, I hunt everywhere online just to watch it for free. If there's an album I want to try out, I'll go to Grooveshark. If I'm not happy about my research on something I want to buy, I wish upon a star and cry myself to sleep.

Sometimes I think it would have been better if I wasn't exposed to so much information. Although I love trying out new things, it has gotten to the point that they are very unreachable. But maybe the best reward is working your ass off to finally buy that thing you always wanted. If that's so, I'd hope another release of Higurashi: When They Cry will some around so I can pounce on the opportunity. After I get a job and save my money, of course.

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