09 July 2011

HELLO, DC!!!!!

That title is corny as sin. Wow...

Anywho, I'm finally down in Washington with my dad, and I'm ready to live in the city for three weeks! But know that this is not a vacation; I was invited to take a class in a local DC college to help me decide if I would want to study foreign affairs in the future. I will take pictures (not of myself. sorry, fanboys and fangirls. :P) but I will spend a lot of time more on being with dad and writing papers. Yippee.

Posts might come up more at nighttime on this western hemisphere, when I'll have the most time to myself.

So hang in there, or else there'd be blood... lol

1 comment:

Corrie said...

Yay!!! Glad you get to spend time with your dad, Fangirl. :) And I hope writing papers doesn't take up too much of your time. Papers...bleh! :p Ha ha.

And btw...LOVE THE NEW BACKGROUND!!!!! It's awesome! ^_^

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