01 March 2011

Fangirl's Asylum Overthrown by Vampires

Let's see how many viewers I will lose just from looking at this post.

As previously mentioned, I wanted to dedicate a few posts to something I'm addicted to other than the awesome group of five awesome Finnish men who make the most awesome music on the face of this earth. And did I say that HIM is awesome? XD

This day marks the start of Vampire Month on my blog. I will make a few brief posts on the origins of these dark creatures, rants about current interpretations and popularity, and reviews about anything vampire-related. Need I be anymore obvious? But some of you can relieve your fears; I might not have done all of my homework (like reading or watching Dracula,) but hopefully the more traditional vampire fans won't attack me.

All the uninterested are free to browse through other posts and read more enjoyable forms of insanity. Just don't run into any creepy people with fangs. (Though those with the fake fangs are more dangerous...) :P

1 comment:

Corrie said...

Lol, "those with the fake fangs are more dangerous". Your blog posts are always so 'quotable' Fangirl! And yes, that is a word. ;) Ha ha.

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