29 March 2011


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RANK: 4 out of 5 <- I miss 2007... *sniffles*

Vampire month seems to be more on reviews than actual rants. Maybe I'll do one right after this one. So, onto Moonlight.

This show is the very reason I have disliked CBS for the past three years. All thanks to them, they didn't pay their writers well enough to prevent the writer's strike that put this great show in its premature grave. I know that it's silly to be angry at a company for cancelling a show that can be valued subjectively. Because a wise man once said that "to carry a grudge is like being stung to death by one bee", wasting time by not getting over what has happened is pointless. Well, thankfully I am not allergic to a foolish bee that commited suicide because he doesn't like my negative feelings.

Let me miss the depressingly nostalgic, good old days of watching Ghost Whisperer and Moonlight on Friday nights. *sigh*

Despite the glory I give it, Moonlight was a flawed show. The first few episodes for the most part had weak plots and the dialogue was "meh". But I still watched them because I saw the potential that it had to tell a great story with a unique and interesting vampire mythology. The show doesn't start off painfully slow, especially when Mick for the most part is smooth and charismatic, unlike one vampire from another show that has the social skills of a toddler...

Speaking of which, now that I have dived into the Buffyverse, I can now say that Moonlight has ripped off of Angel in countless ways. Main character has a thing for blondes? Check. Issues with the ex? Check. Vampire trying to help people to make their eternities less boring? Check. Private investigator? Check. Tall, dark, brooding, and handsome? Double check. Not knowing how to deal with a vampire/human romance? Triple check. Getting food from hospitals and IV bags rather than humans? Quadruple check. Refusing to drink blood from the human lover? - Okay, you get the idea.

And I think David Greenwalt was a part of the staff at one point in the show's creation...

HOWEVER. Unlike Angel, which brings demon elements from the Buffyverse, Moonlight is heavily vampire-oriented. Almost every case Mick picks up has something to do with his kind, and though he islotaes himself from the "way of life," he still has plenty of contacts (his wealthy friend and mentor Josef, computer hacker Logan, autopsy worker Guillermo, etc.) In that sense, the show has a more professional and mature air to it, allowing one to skip some of the awkward beginnings and dive right into making the characters interesting.

And have no fear, Beth Turner is NOT much of a Mary-Sue human love interest. If only the show wasn't cancelled, Mick and Beth's relationship might have been one of the best vampire/human romances; there is no "destiny" crap; just two people who work together when their jobs allow it and happen to become friends and then fall in love. No bullshit attached. XD

The show overall: cool vampire mythology, decent special effects, fun characters (*JcOoSuEgFh!*), and an overall plot that had so much potential. Because the show feels a bit incomplete, especially after the introduction of the lawyer guy at the end, I give Moonlight a solid 4. But I would still recommend checking it out.

RIP, great series. Unlike some people - my parents - I have stuck with you from the beginning to the end. You will be dearly missed. :'(

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