25 November 2010

Winter Is Near! :D

Warm beds with thick covers and fuzzy blankets, fireplaces, hot chocolate and hot tea, sweatshirts, sleeves, pants, boots, scarves; ah, I love the cold. Being trapped indoors all the time can get kinda depressing, but the view of the outside world is beautiful, especially when it snows! I feel even better knowing that Thanksgiving and Christmas start this wonderful time off. :)

Today, I'm in a rather good mood. I woke up to light snow, and just when it started to stick, the precipitation meted into rain. At least the clouds are still look light and fluffy. :) Also, the house currently smells of fresh baked apple pie. Forget Thanksgiving dinner, I want to eat the desert up right now! :D

The last happy thing has to be this wonderful video below. This beauty is the cherry on top for me. :)

HIM "Dying Song" Online Video from Eugene Riecansky on Vimeo.

Remember to be thankful for everything you have today, no matter where you live.

Have a happy day. ^_^

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