29 January 2011


(CREDIT: to Placebo. not the girl with no musical talent. :P)

Rank: 4.999999999999999999999999999999/5 <--almost ....="">

Well, it might be blasphemous to some that this album has a higher rank than Ozzy's Scream, but I'm Fangirl, an opinionated witch who doesn't care what half the world thinks of her. :P (If you are a first-time viewer, have no fear, I am not heartless all the time.)

There are some types of rock bands that I'm not a huge fan of. Take Radiohead, Coldplay, or Muse, they might have a few good songs, but their sounds are a bit too repetitive, lifeless, bland, or inflexible. A few more examples, but I'm trying to get into more, are The Killers, 30 Seconds to Mars, Interpol, and Placebo. There's something about their music that I just can't really get into, and I am yet to know what it exactly is. But for a chick like me who doesn't like them too much, I'm surprised I like this album a lot. In fact, no. I hate that it's not longer.

Meds was a random chance for me, and I'm glad that this is far better than I thought. I enjoy every song on this album and that is a rarity unless the band's name is a pronoun. In fact, my experience with Meds was like those with HIM: some songs were just unpredictable and there were a few moments, especially a "WTF?" one, when I was caught off guard.

Fortunately, this album made a deeper crack into my doubts for Placebo. The music can be repetitive, such as "Drag" and "Post Blue", but you can tell the difference between the chorus and the verse, something many songs can often fail at. But thankfully, every song sounds different (compare "Blind" and "Broken Promise".) Nothing annoys me more than those two issues, and Meds has neither. Even Brian Molko's vocals didn't bother me as much as I originally anticipated. Maybe it's one of those things that one must get used to.

I really have little complaints about this record except what I said before: IT'S NOT LONG ENOUGH.

The edition I have is the US re-release with 15 songs, including the cover of "Running Up That Hill." I think Tenebris mentioned that cover in a past post, and I agree with her. Look it up as soon as possible. If you like rock music at all, I highly recommend checking out Placebo. It's nowhere near as scary as some of the other music I review here. :)

I highly doubt I'll ever be as lucky as I was this time, so maybe I should actually do more research so the next purchase doesn't make me regret giving this album praise.


Tenebris In Lux said...

Damn! You beat me to another post again! xD

I love Placebo. But really, you dislike Radiohead? Tch. I love them .. then again, dearest Marilyn got me into them xP

Tenebris In Lux said...

"WTF" moments for the win! Hehehe

bobbyloathesyou said...

Ironically, I saw Placebo on their tour for this album, and they OPENED FOR MUSE! Great show, that one.

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