03 November 2010

November Update


Hopefully you all had a great Halloween, weither you dressed up, ate candy, watched scary movies, or played fun music. (Hope your short Halloween shift was fun, Tenebris. :P)

I didn't trick or treat this year, but I did dress up completely in black, minus my Halloween spider scarf. Black spider shirt, black pants, combat boots, HIM gloves, black mask, and a witch hat. Everyone at my church liked my effort. Even my best friend laughed hysterically at me. XD
So all I did was watch Final Destination (the first one) with my best friend, who hates thriller/horror films, and her boyfriend. That was a fun experience. XD

As far as updating my blog, I think I'm doing pretty good by staying on top of it.
New reviews, a Fangirl moment(so beware,) and other random stuff will arrive this time. :)

Look forward to it, or suffer the consequences. :P

Anyway, have a great month! (Remember, Christmas is in two months!!!!!)

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