19 November 2010

Update: The End of My Childhood

2010 has been a really bad year for me when it comes to entertainment in general. Lady GaGa is still big for no reason, Justina Beaver has his own stupid book and documentary, great heavy metal legend Ronnie James Dio died, and the summer movies. Yes, that last part is self-descriptive. Other than Inception and Toy Story 3, both of which I did see, the season brought horrifically bland films. Since there less than a month and a half left, it makes me wonder what will the future bring? Only one thing for me is absolute: July 15, 2011, also known as the final blow made on my childhood.

As a fan for almost ten years, I am depressed that the end is so near. Just the thought of the film adaptation of my favorite series ending makes the hair on my head begin to grey.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

I saw the midnight showing of Part One with three friends, and it was fantastic. Though there is time to do so now, I have decided to wait until tomorrow to make my review of this film. My dad really wanted to see it, and I'd love to laugh and cry through it again. It was that good.

Plus if I remain in the Harry Potter fangirl mode for a while, I might do another loooooooong rant. Bet y'all love those, eh? :P

In the meantime have a great weekend. And if you go to the movies, stay alive! It's not Black Friday yet! :)

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