12 September 2010

Why do people like music?

Thanks a lot, Tenebris in Lux, for that post you made today. Now you got my lazy, tired brain off the couch and made it run a few laps. Perhaps this is a response to her post, but I wanted to toss in my few cents on the common question: Why do people like music?

The best answer I can give is that judging music or determining how you like it is purely subjective. You can't have a logical, objective argument about how Lady GaGa sounds better than Madonna, or how American music in general sucks more than its European counterpart. Many have tried, but many still won't agree. It's not like you're convincing an intelligent man that an orange naturally is stripped like a zebra.

Obviously we all are different in some way, shape or form, so you can't expect everyone to like what you like or hate what you hate. That's true with views of religion, politics, and quality food, movies, and stories. Music isn't much different from that in a sense. But maybe it is since I can't recall a huge World War with millions of bombs, guns, weapons, and dead warriors and innocents over a musical artist.

But if I were to answer that question, it will have to be this.

I love music because it, like art is supposed to, affects me in a way that I can't really convey the message without some confusion. But the bright side is that you don't have to be some form of artist to say that you love or hate the product. Do you have to know how to accurately mix colors to create a certain shade of pink in order to say that you hate that color? Do you have to know how to do a handstand to say that the technique is silly and pointless? Sometimes all we can to is judge the quality of the final product for what it is. And a reason for why you think a certain way would be a nice way to not let someone kill you over an opinion that shouldn't insult them.

Anyway, music is the reason I connected with my dad. He was the reason I enjoy music so much. He would sing to me when I was still in my mom's tummy. He would play music in his car while we were on the road together (and we still do.) He listens to me when I rant about my music tastes and when I play my favorite bands for him. He took me to my first rock concert without complaint. And he lets me buy stuff off his account on iTunes. ^_^

And from listening to music, reading interpretations of lyrics, and researching bands and their inspirations, I learn a bit more about life stories and theories of how life is. The fun and sad part, depending on the topic, is to see them in practice in the world. Some might find that insane, but it's just like picking up a Bible and reading a story in it. You take the message, relate it to your life, and apply it. But it's easier for me to learn life lessons in lyrics and stories than an ancient holy book.

I must raise my hand and plead guilty to the questions who is your idol and what is your favorite band. Obviously HIM is the first band that comes to mind. As for idol, it's Ville Valo. I don't worship the man or have a shrine in his name (that would be freaking scary), but I look up to him so much as a musician, a poet, and [how he presents himself as] a person. Sure, he has to be like SOME rock stars who have to show off their sexiness, but I love that the man has a brain underneath his dark curls and he knows how to use it. Every idol or role model in some way teaches you to not give up on something. From the music and interviews, Ville continues to teach me to not to give up on love. It's hard, miserable, and painful, but it's worth dying for.

But above all, HIM, Emilie Autumn, Lacuna Coil, Type O Negative as well as others on my list of musicians and bands I enjoy give me an escape from the real world when I want or need to. The computer and video games help, but music is number one in my heart. It's so important to me that I need it in order to help me fall asleep at night.

Why do I love music? I strayed a lot on this rant, but the three sentences above are the best general answers I can give.
But what about you? Can you answer the big question, or do you struggle like Tenebris did (and I sometimes can too)?

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Tenebris In Lux said...

Wow! That came out much better than my post -- then again, it didn't post everything due to some fussy attitude my browser has adopted.
Again - love the lengthy "sequel" to this idea.

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