28 August 2010

Final August Update

Summer is [pretty much] over! Good news is, the humidity is leaving alongside with the heat and the green world. It also means that things will pick up and I will not sit on my butt and do nothing eventful. Time will flow quickly with a schedule! Yay!

The bad news? People whining about winter and the cold; being a junior in high school; and just the fact that I'm returning to my high school where I'm stuck with the same kids I was with since fourth grade. I gotta get out of there! But yet, I dread the end of my childhood once I must leave for college.

But back on topic:

1. Since school is starting up soon (not until the week of Sept. 10: WTF is with the delay??) new posts will not be very frequent. It might be once every two weeks or something. But I am thrilled I had so many posts this month!

2. As much as I love my blog, I also joined LiveJournal. Okay, I admit, I only joined to be a member of ValoDaily, a HIM Fangirl's paradise! haha! For those interested this leads to my journal. It will mostly have reviews or just random short messages. This will be saved for mostly my rants or creative sparks (whenever I get them again.) But have no fear! This blog is still my baby. ^_^

3. Be faithful to my blog or suffer a fate far worse than reading my posts, dammit! lol

Enjoy the last few days of vacation or just summer in general. Hopefully 2010 has been good to you at this point; we still have four months to go!

And some last requests: Peace, love, and rock on out!

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