05 August 2010

Is the Light at the End an Oncoming Train?

Politics, economy, entertainment, music. These four words have brought me nothing but headaches since 2006 and 2007.

I know I'm not the only one who has been pessimistic about the future because of this mess. Why have things gone downhill is beyond me, but the pendulum has to swing back every now and then. I realize that things can go bad, but this is ridiculous. The work to bounce us back to cruising down the middle is just as painful as the headaches caused by the evil four words. Now to why I hate these words now:

Do any of you have siblings? You can disagree with them all the time because you two aren't the same. Your beliefs, actions, and behaviors contrast from your sibling. Arguments and fighting is inevitable. However, there comes a time when mommy and daddy or someone else steps in and breaks you two apart before you kill yourselves.

This is the point when someone needs to go to each and every Democrat and Republican, smack them in the face, demand them to stop their crap and do their jobs. No one bothers to negotiate anymore and so radicals on both parties are on the rise. I’m sure by now you know of the many issues at hand, so I won’t dare to repeat them. But I must say…

…must we deal with everything like preschoolers? I can hear nothing but whines that remind me of Bill Cosby's reenacting a three-year-old screaming fighting with his/her older sibling: "MINE! MINE! MINE!"

At this point, nothing is getting done, and no one is encouraged to stand up and demand action. And I'm one of them... I can't help but think that whoever is voted will only be someone who will let the screaming and feuding continue.

When the government is unable to get any work done, the economy continues to lie in limbo. No progress but no failure. Houses and cars might be doing better, but unemployment is still miserable. And money is still... going... to... the... wrong... places. Wherever it's going now and making good overall progress... apparently no one has brought any such good news onto the table. Bravo, world. I'm glad to know I'm not the only pessimist full of doom and gloom.

But I shouldn't be so heated on topics that are deadly and poisonous at this point (especially if I come off as ignorant.) Sorry for the rant, but I how I loathe the cat fights and barking while watching the world sink deeper into a tar pit. Bright side is, the middle class and wealthy aren't so broke that people have either lived in boxes or killed themselves. Great Depression of the 1930's anyone?

NOW! For stuff I think I can rant more freely on!

WTF. That's all I can say.

Why is it that there's no good TV shows and movies that are worth my money? I can only think of three at the top of my head: House, Moonlight, and Inception. The first is a hilarious TV show that I got into thanks to my mom getting the first season for Christmas a few years ago. It might be because I like Hugh Laurie, but man, if House ever ends, it better go out with a bang, because I'd hate to see it leave. As for Moonlight, I think it's the only vampire-related media for adults that I can stomach. But CSB cancelled it thanks to the Writer's Strike of 2007. Thank you, entertainment world. You killed a series that might have had some room to improve for your tastes. (At least the fanbase is a devoted and hardworking one. ^^) And Inception? Watch that movie. It's the only latest film that has made me use my brain enough to restore it from the death it went through with Splice.

But why do I hate the entertainment world? Because they have run dry. Movies this year (other than Inception, Avatar, and a decent few like Prince of Persia) have sucked. But I will have to thank James Cameron for his latest film because he has proved my point. Have any of you seen 3D short films in museums? They were made to make things to be in three dimensions; everything came to life off the screen. So what if the glasses were goofy? It was worth the visual experience. Now, though I saw Avatar in 2D, I can't imagine how phenomenal it had to have been. The standard visuals alone were breathtaking.

And because the movie is the best-grossing film ever, people hopped on the 3d bandwagon and converted their standards to attempt what Mr Cameron spent YEARS on. What we got were Alice in Wonderland 2010 and Clash of the Titans: two films that EPICALLY FAILED to make a third dimension; they made 2D with a slight, blurry bump. That shows what converting does.
NOW Sony wants to make a 3D Tv after their obsession with HD. Really?! How many films are made to be in 3D?! I refuse to buy such a piece of junk unless there is a switch that allows me to chose either 2 or 3 dimensions. Plus, how many people can stomach 3D?

I could go on with celebrities and how they add more to the stupidity of the world, but that is self-explanitory.

But how can I not add Twi-retard-light? Oh, that is a rant for another day. Now to the part that I think I am mourning for the most.

Are you sure the 80's was a horrible decade for music? Because I think this has so far been a HORRENDOUS way to start the new millennia and century. Might I add that I didn't say decade because I started loathing music in 2006?

Long story short, I never did mind pop music. I grew up with mostly soft rock, some 80's, and mostly late 90's pop music? It wasn't too bad. Even the first part of the 2000's was pretty decent. I think the time I started to turn from pop was when the Jonas Brothers began. I never hated them, but I never thought them lovable. Disney was still okay, and I still watched some of the shows. However, the stuff I liked was fading. My favorite Disney star was Hilary Duff, and she was disappearing along with her show and the show Shia LeBeouf was in. Crap shows with no humor and less substance came around and I began to watch TV less and less. Then... Miley Cyrus came to town and I abandoned Disney and never returned. To this day, all I still have are the old movies and my only two Hilary Duff CDs...

Soon after, I was sick of the radio and the new music with even less substance as time progressed. The next thing I knew, I turned it off for good, gave Evanescence a try, and became a hard rock and heavy metal chick since 2007. And as time went on, I saw pop music progress from bad, to worse, to terrible, to now hell. I hated the Rihanna, Black Eyed Peas, Timbaland and Justin Timberlake, Britney Speares, Soulja Boy, Fergie, and Chris Brown trends that went on, but I wasn't ready for... LADY GAGA, KE$HA, AND BEIBER.

I can only describe Lady GagGag as a bland candy that we all have tasted before, but the wrapper is so darn cool to look at and talk about. She is not talentless or stupid, but how she portrays herself is overdone, boring, and inappropriate. Why does she need so much attention to herself? But she is nothing next to Ke-dollar sign-ha. No words can describe how much she needs to stop sounding like a drunken, auto-tuned Valley Girl. Finally, the demon spawn that has destroyed all hope for me: THE BEAVER!!!!!!!!!!!! How can I express how much I can't stand how people treat this punk?! I dislike him so much I can't even express my anger in this entry! I have spent so much time ranting and bashing that I think I will tell more of him later.

This has been a long rant and I probably am instigating trouble. But this was something I had to let out in one night.
Some topics will be used for future entries sometime after I get a post on my trip (again, I have 800+ pictures to go through!!!)
I have no forgotten this blog, but I have been a bit busy.

But to conclude, I spoke with my dad on the phone and he told me he went through the same thing in the 70's with disco music. He encouraged me that things will look good soon. I hope he is right - no, I know he is right, but that day isn't coming soon enough. All I ask is a little more stability and cooperation and less paranoia and radicalism. As for the entertainment world, they need some fresh new ideas. And music... just needs some leaders of inspiration with quality music who are beyond the shock value or the swooning girls. I was sad when Michael Jackson died because I always remember hearing about him in news and music, and because he was a legend to the pop genre. I mourned the deaths of Ronnie James Dio, because heavy metal lost an amazing musician, and Pete Steele, whose band Type O Negative were known stars of gothic metal.

However, I don't know who are the next legends of my generation for pop, rock, and metal. There is no few universally accepted "leaders" that I know of that everyone can agree on. But we'll be feuding for a while. Maybe when good things finally come around, there will be musicians of today who will be loved by the world beyond the superficial. For now, the people I find to be legends have died or are alive and I don't see them as for right now. Like my favorite singer, Ville Valo, from my favorite band, HIM, I hope the light at the end of the tunnel is not from an oncoming train.

So, until next time. take care. :)

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