20 July 2010

Guess Who???!!!

HIYA!!!! I am back from my Europe trip and am ready to continue ranting about random things! The asylum is officially back and running!! >:D

The twenty days far from home were worth it, since it was a once in a lifetime opportunity (with a massive price tag attached.) I have made some friends, made memories, and visited some pretty awesome places. It was hard adjusting there at first because of the time changes and the lack of sleep, but I got through it quickly and smoothly. Since I just got back less than 24 hours ago, I am still trying to bounce back. Adjusting to the time zone is cake this time around, but the normal everyday routine will take a while. I'm behind in Facebook, email, my blog, family and social lives! As much as I liked getting off my butt and doing stuff on the opposite end of the planet, I still would like to re-embrace my lazy computer life again. ^^

I would love to start an entry about my trip now, but too much happened for me to sum it up in one entry. It might take too long, despite that I try to be blunt and far from verbose. Furthermore, there were some things I learned about the places I've been that i have to look further into or recap on so I make as few mistakes as possible. So this is only a small message from me.

Yes, I am back, and I will update my blog as often as possible again. Tales about my trip will come later.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have 70+ emails and countless Facebook updates I have to go over... Fangirl's madhouse is back in business. Hee, hee. XD

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