07 August 2011

DC Pics A

WOW! Fangirl actually kept her promise to post up pictures she took during a trip? *gasp!* Such a phenomena has NEVER happened before!!!
I have several others, but here are a handful done by a complete amateur. :P

This was a nice park near the apartment complex where I stayed. Just nearby sat the Titanic Memorial in a quiet, open space near the Washington Channel. Too bad some new buildings will be placed around this peaceful area in the next few years. *growls*

Yay to taking pics on a small boat and risk dropping the camera in the water! All for the sake of art, I guess.

Dad loves this shot...

Martin Luther King Jr. will be happy to know his memorial looks nice. All it needs is paint, more sculpting, and no construction tools.

Walked past the Renwick Gallery. The words "Dedicated to Art" written in the center below the roof caught my eye.

Dad holding a leaf. Too bad I couldn't keep this camera. Mine's crappy...

The National Archives viewed from the Navy Memorial.

More of the Navy Memorial. I was practicing taking shots of water.

Next will be pics technically from another country. Though I was still very far from the desired location by over 30 degrees south and 100 degrees west, it's the closest I was to the real deal. *sigh*


Tenebris In Lux said...

Interesting. I always found water hard to photograph. And I've never been on a boat before .. and can't really see myself in one .. :-P

Melanie~"Fangirl"~Light said...

heh, well part of it is that the camera dad gave me takes better pictures than the one I brought with me. without it, the water pics would have been blurry as heck.

never on a boat? do you get sick or something like that?

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