01 April 2011

April Update

April Fools Day. Yippee. *waves hands in the air*

Sometimes the internet sucks because you can never know what someone is feeling or what tone they are using when communicating. So for those who don't understand my language yet: I HATE APRIL FOOLS DAY. It's one of the worst days in the universe because - again - you can't take anyone seriously and trust is totally disregarded! But then again, I take things personally sometimes...

Anywho. I uploaded about 8 posts in March, which is average for me, but I still didn't post any... um... RANTS. Since this is 'Rants From a Fangirl', it's rather odd that nothing but reviews have been posted. And I even promised a post about the origins of vampires... but I didn't. The idea wasn't scrapped: it still sits in my drafts folder. Sadly I took the post like a research paper that requires a lot of time and research as well as more formal writing style in order for people to take you seriously. Oh well. That entry will be posted later; however, the date will say "March 31, 2011" just so it is organized better. After more tweaking and research, my origins of vampires entry will be up as well as a reminder somewhere on the main page.

In other news, I have a lit research paper to work on, so do not be surprised if nothing new is posted here. I promise to make more RANTS since this is not 'Reviews From a Fangirl'!

Besides, the one I wanted to post a while ago might come up pretty soon: some people will come to my school to talk about abstinence and abortion this month. Perfect opertunity for me to rant and lose followers. Kill two brids with one stone indeed!

1 comment:

Tenebris In Lux said...

Happy Pagan new year .. :p

I absolutely hate "April Fools Day" .. for several of my peers *cough* dumbass guys failing class *cough* use that as an excuse for EVERYTHING. -_-

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