05 January 2011

Another MM Post...

(NOTE: all pics came from MansonWiki)
What a post to start the new year...

Marilyn Manson seems to keep popping up in my life since November. First the video, then the research, then the famous person portrait assignment in Studio Art, and NOW religion class today!

My classmates and I had to research a controversial musician and determine wether or not their music and views are "sinful" if we pay attention to them or buy their music. Strict Catholic schools do this, people. Of course, I figured, why not Manson? When it was my turn, I went up to the front of the class and spoke up. I said that there is little reason to claim his work "sinful" based on what you hear; and if he is "anti-religionous" for traumatic reasons, he still promotes individual expression for young people who feel intimidated to do so. (Now my classmates will think I'm truly a psychotic freak. XD) Although, I give my teacher credit for being respectful of my views, listening to my points, and praising how much I knew about him.

So, wether he cares or not, I defended a crazy, but intelligent and awesome musician... on his birthday. *twitches in disgust at own BS*

But to give the man what he deserves: HAPPY 42nd BIRTHDAY, MARILYN MANSON!!!!!!

See you in 2011!!!! :P

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Tenebris In Lux said...

*le gasp* Another post? Hehe ..

Nice! I watched a girl do a presentation on Marilyn in her class - some dude that was filming it whispered "faggot" a lot into the camera .. tsk tsk >_>

MansonWiki is a really nice webpage, I just recently discovered it myself! The fact that a lot of people are starting to do research on him and actually exploring him .. this excites me a lot. And when I was talking to a grown-up, they said that I remind them of him! Go figure .. hehe.

And you NEED to look at this Marilyn Manson chibi!

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