08 January 2011

January Update

For those who suffer from Marilyn-Mansonphobia and didn't read the last post, Happy New Year, readers!

The holidays are starting to close their doors on us and life is returning to the usual blah-ness and annoyance that plagues politics, society, nasty weather, and everything else. Reality is a bitch, ain't it?

My new year has started out fairly difficult and grey, but hopefully things will get better. I have no resolutions other than to strive for personal growth, a lifelong process. But as for my blog, I will try to let off more steam and write more rants. At this point, it might as well be called "Reviews From a Fangirl" by the way it is going...

Expect more insanity, fangirl squeals, and maybe a few laughs if you have any sense in humor (or maybe it's mine that sucks. :P) Otherwise, I must take midterm exams later this month, so don't freak out if no posts show up.

Take care, viewers, and enjoy another year of suffering. :D

- Fangirl

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