14 January 2012

Because I'm So Lazy...

The big black box still looks hideous on this site, no? Well if justice could crucify and hang the SOPA bill and its supporters, my blog will look lovely again. :)

I know I haven't said a lot and posted a bunch of stuff on it, but I still want to get the message out there that this bill is AWFUL. Sure, I am very biased and if it passes I will lose all the sites I like to visit for fun parodies, straightforward reviews, and exciting shows. But this bill wants to protect the butts of companies that whine and lose money because of illegal downloads and copyright infringement.

I won't deny that I have downloaded some music (mostly songs from anime and soundtracks from Sonic games) but if some of these things were easier to find and purchase, I'd love to take out some cash. I'd love to buy music from artists and bands, but some of them have work not readily available for the poor American. (Even if I were to hunt further, chances are the price would get pretty ridiculous.)

With that small bit out of the way... MORE anti-SOPA stuff! Whoot!


1 comment:

Rodster said...

Well, it's really looking like the people have caught the attention of Congress, and members are backing away from these bills, thank goodness!

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