09 December 2011

2012 Is Going to Suck

[Update of the Update: Now the Amazing Atheist's video is back up. Huh... wonder what that was about...]

[Update: I just love it when a Youtube video is deleted due to it's "scam, spam, and deceptive content." Sure, the Amazing Atheist can be a huge jerk but he called out Perry for HIS spam of a "political campaign ad." Irony is so lovely.]

I just cannot wait to get my card punched so can freely complain about morons in American politics. Too bad the presidential is terrifying.

There's very little I can say because these guys hit the nail on the head except this: may the superior being(s), whether he/she/it/they is or are a deity, group of deities, or fate itself, not let 2012 suck. My sanity - and many others - depends upon it.

Not afraid to admit being a Christian? War on religion? Gays openly serving in the military? Kids not celebrating Christmas? Liberal attacks on religious heritage?! Faith brought America together?!

If this is the best the right can do to convince me to vote for them, then I rather live the rest of my days as a shut-in. Looks like I'll be an Independent at this rate.

1 comment:

Under_The_Stairs said...

Hahah yeah,rick perry is a fucking moron.

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