06 June 2013

I Won the Lottery...

Oh, I sure do wish. It doesn't help that BOTH of my parents buy tickets occasionally. It's just so out of character for them, but then again, the economy has sucked since 2007. After six years of this mess, I'd consider spending twenty bucks a ticket to win superior being(s) know(s) how many millions of dollars. Graduation from college is gonna suck.

Anywho, onto more positive things.

That was me in real life yesterday... seriously.
I finally found a Gamestop that wasn't trying to rip my limbs off. The selection of new and used games was much larger than I was used to. That meant a greater possibility of finding games I once claimed "rare". And boy, my day was made.

After several years, I finally found it.

Just a disk, but I have it.

And it works.

I played it for two hours straight last night on my fairly dusty Playstation 2.

First the Mass Effect trilogy. Then Persona 3. Then Tears on Tape. Now this.

Fangirl hasn't squeed so intensely and frequently in a six month period.

Holy Crap.

$20.00 for Shin Megami Tensei III.

If it was a rip-off... I don't give a damn.

I wept when I FINALLY found what should have been my first Atlus game.

I was NOT going to let this sit on a shelf for someone else's taking.

Then I was torn between Nocturne and Devil Survivor: Overclocked. My 3DS deserves an actual "new" game for it - and not Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Too bad Fire Emblem Awakening is still $40 everywhere. Looks like I'll have to wait again.

Anywho, what else did Fangirl find?

A used copy of Persona 4 - game case included - for $30. I could have used it a long, long time ago, universe! Do you know how angry I was when you asked me to cough up $50 before?! Oh well, now i have a Vita with Persona 4 Golden and Persona 3 Portable. Maybe that's how things were supposed to be.

More goodies? Yep.

Silent Hill 2: another rarity in my experiences. I can't remember the last time I found a copy in stores. A few years ago I borrowed it from a friend but never finished it. No excuse now, huh?

But this little gem - supposedly the best in many books - was not alone...

I struck gold with Silent Hill 3. The envelope it came in had both the game AND the soundtrack. O_O

Why settle for the HD collection with terrible textures, changed voice actors, and overall sloppy porting when the originals are sitting, waiting to be purchased? Even when one has the SOUNDTRACK with it? Christmas came early!

Maybe not the most liked title, but I felt the need to give it some love. Now I'll have nightmares of the conjoined twin monster... thing...


Moving on...

Admittedly, horror games always bug me, though not in a bad way. I just feel like pissing myself, turning off the console, and hiding under my bed. And since I find Japanese horror more immersive and creepy... I tend to feel like I gave myself a psychological scar.

So I have no idea if I'll like a single one of these titles - as in my playing them. I have seen a TON of Silent Hill playthroughs on Youtube or from Blistered Thumbs' Lotus Prince, and I really, really like the stories of most of the titles. So... wish me luck.

If all else fails, I can fall back on another game I hunted for a while. Maybe the $100 I spent on this and everything above was worth it if at least the most expensive purchase was good.

My summer will be busy. :D

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Rod Hill said...

Sounds like your summer's off to a good start, Fangirl. And for the record, I only buy Powerball tickets when the jackpot hits $100 million. I'll need it to help pay for all those video games hahaha!

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