10 January 2012


Christmas break swallowed me whole and the New Year threw me back up. I am still recovering from that adventure.

I'm back! Hopefully this place isn't too empty...

There are like... two posts I need to make up, and at least I didn't say I will post it before the end of 2011. I couldn't finish the "top 10"-ish post because objectively arranging things you have feelings for are not easy. Since it has nothing to do with wrapping up the year in 2011, it'll come out eventually. The second post, however, is and I'll get it out there - late, but up.

I just wanted to step back from my life and say thanks to everyone who followed me last year. By no means am I popular, but it's great to see more and more views per month from people all over the world. Looks like I'll keep this up another year (...when I'm not preparing for college)!

A new post in 2012. happy? :P

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