06 December 2011

December 2011 Update

I am the Fangirl who don't do anything. I just stay at home and lie around. And if you ask me to do anything, I'll just tell you "I don't do anything!"

...except complain.

As if my growing apathy and contempt for the stupidity of humanity weren't big enough buzz kills, anxiety is contributing to the destruction of my hopes of being in the Christmas spirit. The usual drama every senior faces in December. I'm trying very hard to not curl up in a ball, cry, and eat ice cream as I sit by my mailbox.

That's my life in a nutshell at the moment.

Though my spamming my blog with Sonic helped me to relieve some stress. For the longest time I was a closeted fan unwilling to admit how it is a fun, nostalgic part of my childhood. And after spending a lot of time revisiting and catching up... I'm almost thankful that I stayed stuck in the early 2000's. I always knew the fanbase was kinda whacky and chaotic, but now... *shudders* I was happy keeping my opinions to myself!

And with this being the end of the year, I have to do something... special. It's bad enough with rants against evil corporations and other boring crap from the past few months. What to do what to do. Hmm...


Tenebris In Lux said...

I actually enjoy your Sonic posts. Not that I ever really got into the games or the show(s), but it's nice to see you very passionate about something. This probably serves as a good break from upcoming final exam *cough*doomsday*cough* week. I know I'm going insane from it .. a girl needs her break! My savior right now are Nick Cave CDs and dark hot chocolate drinks. And pictures of little fuzzy baby bats -- the real ones, that is. :-P

(P.S. This is the second time I got "bames" as a CAPTCHA o_0)

Melanie~"Fangirl"~Light said...

indeed! enjoy the comfort of Nick Cave and hot chocolate. ^_^

other than the college applications I have to get done, I have a history and religion project due before Christmas break. it's bringing this old lady down.

(haha. so odd! I had no repeats yet... *knocks on wood*)

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