19 August 2011

Random Bundle of Fangirlism

If one never knew this before now, then you shall be informed that I'm a city person. I might not have lived in one for more than three weeks but I gain a greater sense of freedom and confidence than if I'm in rural or suburban nowhere. Maybe it's because I can't drive yet and I have no desire to learn how to. This lack of interest places a humungous twenty-foot thick steel wall between my house and where I want to go. No matter how I see it, I must learn how to drive even if I cry like a baby.

Travelling, however, is not the only flaw. The people tend to be more homogenous and identical than a huge mixed group of Asians in the same room (thanks to my Chinese friend and Japanese anime, distinguishing is not as hard as many say...) And when people like the same things, the "minority" have to suffer with hunting hard to find more obscure and less popular things. Thankfully, cities are far more forgiving to folk like myself.

I was so happy to find several things that suburban Pennsylvania would have once in a hundred years. Or maybe I look in all the wrong places.

AHHH!!!! Not my hand!!!!!

A single import from Germany?! I don't care if "Solitary Man" was not my favorite cover HIM did, this was still collectable worthy. From now on if I find another HIM single case, back away from the oncoming headstrong Fangirl!
The one time I could have bought an And Love Said No import, but I had no money with me... :'(

I finally found the Higurashi manga!! These are only part of the Curse-Killing and Eye-Opening arcs, but this is something. Off to find the other volumes...

Found it in Barnes and Noble, thought, "why the hell not?", and bought it. Research is one of Fangirl's closest friends: I might as well be knowledgeable about these dark-loving fellows with a bad rep. Well, it's changing though...

There are other posts about DC soon, like when I visited an embassy of a country I am hoping to visit before I drop dead.

On a different note, I finally am pushing myself to actually make stuff. Currently, I'm experimenting with metal jewelry, specifically silver. Otherwise, I might as well make other, easier things.

"There's no strength in numbers." - Shadow, Sonic the Hedgehog 2006

A poster I felt the need to make for my favorite Sonic character. THERE WAS NO TRACING AT ALL. Using a pencil and grid system helped to make sure Shadow didn't look ridiculously bad. I'm better at cartoony humans, not anthropomorphic animals. XD

Now, to get into making that lanyard for school...

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Tenebris In Lux said...

Aw shoot, I hate when that happens! I once saw a "The Dope Show" single and wanted it pretty bad, but had no money on me. Happens all the time with books, too. -_-"

I thoroughly enjoyed the "Gothic Charm School." My public library has a couple of copies. I'll need to review that sometime and link to your blog. Hopefully you'll enjoy it.

Can't say I know that much about Sonic the Hedgehog, but that's pretty good artwork. You hardly learn anything from tracing, anyway. Grid work makes you think.

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