06 August 2011

August Update '11

Not dead but aging. XD

Since my last post, I've been going down memory lane and playing some of the few Sonic games I own as well as watching reviews of the more recent stuff. I have a new found appreciation for having just a Gamecube and PS2: thank the superior being(s) I can't play the latest... trash.

But now that I think about it, almost everything I typically enjoy has reached a downhill slope in overall entertainment. It kinda makes me question if it's because of where I am at in my life or because I'm getting jaded. If it's the later, I need to keep child-like curiosity and nostalgia close to my heart. Sure, finding new things and researching them can be fun (at least for me), but I have to look back at what I really used to enjoy two years, five years, even ten years ago. This extends to anything I may have left on the back shelf, completely blanketed in thick, fluffy dust bunnies.

Maybe I should have a month where I rant about nothing about nostalgic things for me... I dunno.

I'm near the end of readjusting to my real house again after DC, but many ideas are flowing through my mind. I hope to get photos up this weekend, though I just planned to make a tiny, flimsy poster for my room. Plus there's a story I want to write, but since creativity is backed up due to severe writer's block, I'm practicing writing on random Word docs. I have books to read for school too. Looks like Fangirl needs to prioritize...

Now that my way of saying "long time no post" is done... adios, readers... if any remain to exist...

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