18 June 2011

Two Music Notes

Usually I'm one of the last people in the world to hear about updates of any kind; however, this is my blog and I can post stuff whenever I want. I could go back into my super-research mode like I used to, but life gets hectic or life gets dull and I have either no information to know about, or stuff that is really old. Whatever. *shrugs*

Still Sweet Talking to a Coma Patient

That best sums up my position on Evanescence at this point. They still piss me off because of reasons I already covered, and they still have the guts to now spill enough info for their wiki page to be more... "up-to-date".

Anywho. According to a post from Kerrang!'s website, the third (or fourth if you count Origin) album might possibly be released in October of this year. Plus, Amy Lee posted a video on Twitter of her playing a bit of a song that might be on the album. I did listen to it... but I have nothing really to say about it since it's only a preview where nothing happens. FINE. It's kinda boring so far, but it's only a minute long.

Insert Random War Pun Here

Now that it's been six months from being released from prison, Ronnie Radke and his new band Falling in Reverse will release their debut album July 25 in the UK and the 26 in the US.

Since I have their first two albums, I can admit into being a fan of Escape the Fate. I don't love them per se, but they have a few good tracks. Personally, I don't think Ronnie or Craig was better overall for ETF; however, I think Ronnie is a better screamer, while Craig sings better.

With that said, I'm excited for Ronnie's band and their new album. Their song "Raised by Wolves" is pretty sweet! But from the obvious pokes at ETF... I'm praying for no dog fights, no matter whose "war" it is.

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