03 June 2011

June Update

The past few weeks have been very unfriendly to Fangirl. My family is trying to move, but the bank needs to send us a few papers to give us the okay. That should have happened ages ago, but other people have bigger needs than a teenager who has been sleeping on the floor. But hey, at least I have a pillow and blankets.

In the midst of my simple, yet stressful and isolating home life I might spend some time here... or play around on Facebook... or read manga. Speaking of which...

I am almost done with When They Cry Solutions, and I'm reading the various manga written based on the eight main arcs of Higurashi. Told you I'm obsessed with horror... ish stuff. o_O

The usual stuff is on the way: reviews, rants, and maybe a few random stuff here or there. I'm pretty unpredictable at this point.

Those of you who are enjoying summer vacation now - or very shortly - have a blast. Go crazy. Don't be locked indoors all day. Beat up suspicious people. ...okay, scratch that last part. :P

1 comment:

Tenebris In Lux said...

Moving IS stressful. I hated it.

Guess who is going to stay indoors for the two months and a half? Yep :D

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