24 January 2011

Despicable, Neglectful Me

To abandon my blog for this long (and not for vacation reasons) is embarrassing. Thankfully there are no social services to legally take my own blog away for being such a neglectful parent. :'(

And I won't be surprised if all you dear readers don't come here anymore. That is at least one thing I did right in my asylum. :P

I swear that I will go back to updtaing at least once per week, even if it's just a silly review. Thanks to the holidays, I have bought some new music for myself and I might get to some of them. Otherwise for rants I need to reedit and finish some drafts I currently have saved onto my computer.

If anyone is still a frequent follower, why hasn't your common sense told you to spend your time doing something else?! Asylums aren't supposed to be entertaining, darn it! (Emilie Autumn would absolutely think so....)

Nah, you loyal followers get a virtual hug. :P

Meanwhile, I think I have another rant that I might write that could feed controversy... coming soon...


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