24 December 2010

'Little Fockers'

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My Rank = 3/5 <-- a good laugh

Yesterday was a great birthday. The Nostalgia Critic made a hilarious Christmas special, I stole a cookie from one of my friends (long story), and my mom and friends from church took me to dinner and saw Little Fockers. So many laughs in such a short day.

I admit that I never watched Meet the Parents or Meet the Fockers, so I can't say if this serves the prequels justice, but man, this film was cool. Maybe I liked it so much because I didn't expect too much from it in the first place. Comedy is a hit-or-miss that I take very seriously, and my problem with the genre mostly lies in execution of wit and laughs. As for stupid humor, like the stuff Will Ferrell does... don't be shocked if I turn down the opportunity to see it. Perhaps it's my subconscious taking revenge on the world for never understanding the dry humor my family and friends love me for. But thankfully this film left me laughing over a scene even a minute after it ended. As I walked out of the film, I was still laughing. This film deserves a gold star for it, because this is a rarity.

The film is basically family drama that most of us can relate to, and all hell breaks loose when Robert DeNiro's character names Greg Focker (Stiller) the head of the entire family (giving away the title will ruin one of the funniest jokes.) From syringes, pits, animals, eastern wisdom, and misunderstandings... I say that the movie executed jokes well.

However, that's the only field that did justice. The plot was fairly weak and some plot holes were left uncovered. The each character had one dynamic trait that separated them from the others, but they were two-dimensional. The kids, which I assume gave the film its name, barely had to do with the story on a microcosmic level. In a way, Little Fockers is a misnomer.

Overall, the movie proved itself better than I hoped comically, though lacked in plot. My mom said that it's predecessors are much better, and I'm curious to see if the others are funnier. Despite that, I recommend it, even if you are curious.

So... I wonder if Netflix has Meet the Parents as an instant watch...

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