22 November 2010

*Fangirl Squeal*

(and pics aren't mine. CREDIT to owners. ^_^)

Two amazing great things happened today and I'm surprised I haven't screamed at the top of my lungs yet. (Its scare my cats anyway...)


Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys IS OUT!!!!! I am tempted to run out and buy it, but the price would be kinda high. No wait... that's iTunes. $14.00?!?! Does the economy suck THAT bad? What happened to the days of coughing up $10.00 on average?!

But second, and truly above that (no offense MCR)...:

Hyvää syntymäpäivää, Ville Valo!(What did you expect from a HIM fangirl?!) Because birthdays are always superior to album releases. Sorry, My Chemical Romance!
Since it's already... the next day in Helsinki, I send my virtual birthday hug to the amazing singer in my favorite band. Can't wait for more random surprises from HIM. ^_^

And my all-time favorite...

Got a headache yet? XD


Rodster said...

You need more Ville pictures, you know... :-)

Rodster said...

Also - looking forward to reading:
- my opinion of opinions
- why I find the concept of pure good vs pure evil [somewhat] fascinating

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