02 July 2018

'Detroit: Become Human', Part 1

Japan, why do you always get the superior game covers?
A full month has passed, and the fever of this infection has lessened somewhat. I have a terrible habit of not writing down or documenting knowledge in my head, which has probably made life difficult for the coworkers I left behind after I walked out of a promise/job/contract for the first time in my life. Once I get the motivation to do something about it, oftentimes it's too late (see my STILL incomplete Mass Effect 3 review). I plan to avoid that outcome this time by writing down everything I can about my experience with Detroit: Become Human.

Although I don't want a certain active actor from the project to drop enough trivia and fun facts that may warp my impressions to the point I forget to be as impartial as possible. I do recommend watching Bryan's streams though. He's a cool guy. Until fandom bullshit corrupts him. Pls don't ruin his and his wife's lives, internet and fangirls/fanboys, I implore you.

Spoilers inbound!

12 June 2018

A Few Thoughts on ‘Detroit: Become Human’

Even though E3 is this week, I'm not really interested in what's coming out in the next one to five years for three reasons.

Number one, the Playstation 4's library has expanded enough that I can sort through what's already out and be content for the next two years, and by then some well-liked games from E3 2018 have come out, allowing me to avoid the pain of impatience.

Number two, it seems this generation has utterly failed to prove that gaming has innovated beyond hyper-realistic, high-quality graphics that PCs $200 cheaper with five times the library size have accomplished five years ago. Even if it's an exaggeration, I'm concerned that the [Western] gaming industry still correlates pretty graphics and orchestral flair to high quality art and advanced technical achievement.

And number three, Detroit: Become Human.

Fuck this game.

16 January 2018

Update: First Reaction of 2018

Hello, dear viewers!

It might take some time for me to work on fresh content because finally, FINALLY, I am gainfully employed!

I started just over a week ago and the hours are kinda long; however, the first real step into adulthood has happened for me. Not too shabby for a May 2016 graduate to get the first job over a year and a half later with benefits in one of the more expensive cities in the United States. Having my own place to live alone is still a long way to go, but the fact I'm making gains towards it is a plus.

Hell, I'm more psyched that planning a vacation in Japan is much closer to reality than ever before. I need to actually use what I've been learning incrementally.

So, yeah, 2018 has started off pretty well for me. How's the rest of the world?

31 December 2017

‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’

I’ve had it. I'm done. I am so done.

This is the last straw. I’m at my limit. I can't take this anymore.

Fuck Disney.

Fuck Hollywood.

Fuck the trendy franchise addition.

Fuck the obsession with cinematic universes.

Fuck the corporate capitalist cult that strangles creativity in the name of profit.

Fuck Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

And fuck me for feeding money to this detestable beast.

... Feel free to keep count of how many times I curse in this post. It's one of those, people, so strap in tight. This rant-review hybrid is not for the faint of heart.

Spoilers, because I have succumbed to the power of the Dark Side, consequences be damned.
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