25 December 2016

2016: What a %$#ing Year

Hello, people. It's me. I know I've been inactive for 75% of the year, but I'm still alive. I needed a long break, and now I'm feeling better, despite this year being... this year.

2016 was such a crappy year. I want to comfort the me from January who cried for days after Alan Rickman's death and try not to admit that the year would only get worse. Because, holy shit, 2016 got so much worse after January. Everyone and their mother has listed dozens of reasons why 2016 sucked ass, so I won't go on a long rant here today. It's Christmas and I'm feeling mellow at the moment. Not being bombarded by Christmas songs this year helped a ton.

Rather than dwell too much on the orange monkey that will lead my country and all the authoritarian politicians who want to drag us back to the Cold War era with bashing communism and Russia, I want to focus on some of the positives of this year in a quick post.

First, I have a job. Not a fantastic-paying job, but it's a job. I don't wake up dreading going there every morning despite cursing my hatred of mornings. I haven't had much time to write because I channeled most of my energy into looking for work and finding a place to live after I graduated in May. I said goodbye to suburban Pennsylvania and moved to the city. Things have settled for the most part, and I've adapted to my work environment well.

Second, I took a Japanese class to keep my brain preoccupied. More than anything I miss learning new things and having discussions about deep subjects, so the class was a good 10-week investment. Thankfully I am doing well enough that I can still indulge in my hobbies.

Third, I must confess... I got a Playstation 4.

I cannot look at the controller and not remember
Yahtzee's "rectangular clitoris" comment. XD
I only have the Game of the Year Edition of Dragon Age Inquisition, which has made me beyond thrilled to finally play that epilogue. If nothing else, Dragon Age has helped me get through this awful year. I met more internet friends to chat with, I got back into writing, and I sank way too many hours in a game series that has fried my nerves more than Mass Effect has done. Nothing has made me as emotional upset since the ending of Mass Effect 3, until I learned how much I wanted to fry eggs.


At this point in my life, I don't think I'm going to post here as often as I used to. This was always a personal blog for me and my hobbies, and as much as I wondered if I wanted to do more with this, I'm glad this has remained small. Hopefully next year will start off less awful, and maybe I'll be a bit more active.

If not, I'm on Twitter.

Meanwhile, my next big goal is to save up enough money so I can have a gaming PC. Since I have a Twitch account ready for that, I'll keep my mind open to streaming. Nothing too major.

"But what about that stupid Persona 3 fanfic you made a big deal about for, like, three years, Fangirl? Are you done with it yet?"

It'll be open to mass ridicule, insults, and humiliation very soon, actually, thanks for asking.
And Merry Christmas to you too.

In case I don't post anything again in the next few days... 
Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!


Voltech said...

Oh boy. I am late to commenting on this one. I should probably not let that happen again in the future...is what I'm saying now, but who knows what'll happen?

Blame this miserable cold weather. Or my dogs. Or, I dunno, Trump. Because a man who can't form a cohesive paragraph is set to take charge of one of the most powerful positions in the world. OH YEAH, THIS'LL BE A TREAT.

But in any case? Good to hear from you again. There was a part of me that was actually worried for a while, but I figured that you (justifiably) had real life stuff to handle. I get that. And it's nice knowing that you've made some progress. Here's hoping that it's the first step towards brighter days.

I suppose that's a given, though. Now that you've got a PS4, you're all primed and ready to play some of the latest and greatest games the industry has to offer. "Greatness awaits", as the saying goes. So you can jump right in with golden, top-notch titles like Uncharted 4: A Thie-

...Okay, bad example. But there's still stuff like Watch Do-

...Never mind. You know what, though? You can always check out Call of Du- I mean Battlefield O- I mean Titanfa- I mean...uh...

The PS4! Greatness awaits!

No, but seriously though? If you're looking for stuff to play down the line, you've got options. That Ratchet & Clank reboot from a while back is pretty good -- not super-amazing, but plenty good enough. Overwatch is great, too (though I play it on PC, so I don't know how it handles on consoles). Or you could give Let it Die a shot if you're feeling bold. Tales of Berseria's coming out soon, so I'd imagine that's a reliable choice (its predecessor Zestiria was, though it had some foibles). But I had a chance to try the demo for Nier: Automata, and...well, it is looking STRONG. If you've only got room for one game in your life for the next couple of months, I'd recommend considering that one.

Although the new Mass Effect is apparently coming out soon. WAY sooner than I expected. That'll probably eat up an hour or forty -- but it's super-glued to modern-day EA, so who knows what'll happen?

But whatever. 2016 may not have been the best year by any definition , but it's 2017 now. New year, new start, new hope. Let's make it a good one, eh?

Keep rockin', fangirl.

Melanie~Light said...

I am alive indeed, Voltech! Glad you still check up on my blog every once in a while. :D
I am feeling better, even with today being the inauguration day of the worst president in (recent) American history. Thankfully this mess has me plenty motivated to write and research political stuff to keep me on my toes. At least Chelsea Manning will be free in May. That's the best way to start off 2017 in my honest opinion.

And yeah, the PS4 library's not looking to great, but getting the Pro will keep me in the clear for a few years. heck, I'm even using Spotify on it sometimes, so it's getting plenty of usage. At this point, I have Dragon Age Inquisition, Hatsune Miku Project Diva X, Tales of Zestiria, Bloodborne, and Dishonored 1. Not too many games, but they have enough material to get me going until Mass Effect Andromeda.

Thanks for the comment, I really mean it. ^_^

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