08 October 2011

Halloween Fails

Way back when I used to have a monthly theme just so I can better organize my thoughts. And just like any other new thing I try, it fell apart as the remains crawled in every which way. October MIGHT be different this time, I swear! Just give me another twenty three days and then I'll have something planned out!

Just so I can have a new post in nearly a week, here are some Halloween items that made me chuckle a bit too loudly. With the laughs and the snide remarks, I'm shocked no one kicked me out of the store.

This is so hilariously bad, it might as well be the staple for the obvious Hot Topic I-wannabe-badass-emo shoppers. With green mohawks.  Or something like that.

A "Steampunk Victorian Vampiress Costume"... On paper, sounds ok-ish. In reality, this is fake. The top is cheap as hell and the shoes are unfitting, especially when nothing else is as white.
But this isn't a real steampunk or Victorian outfit anyway...

It looks magnificent does it not? Hot, steamy pizza served just for you at any time and any place. Literally.
It's a pillow.
It is the pinnacle of creepy when you wake up from a nightmare and your bedroom accessories look like food.

I can hear the cries of thousands of men and women killed for hundreds of years because they were "witches".

Forget the pig. This is as f***ing low as the "content" in Elfen Lied.

Halloween's gonna suck...

1 comment:

Tenebris In Lux said...

WTF. I'm not even sure which one is the WORST! o_0

That pig one was pretty horrible, though xD

Hmm .. I went to a museum yesterday and in the gift shop the museum offered a small size "Lincoln Costume" (basic black suit made out of cheap fabric) for $30 .. -_- Then again, a lot of stuff in that gift shop was a rip off!

I might go as a "vampire" this year if my friends force me to go trick-or-treating with them. Again xP

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