20 September 2011

Uniforms, Prayers, and Textbooks... Finally

Starting eight weekdays later than desired, school officially started for everyone. Now I can no longer spend my bored days watching anime, reading manga, and talking to myself! I HAVE A LIFE AGAIN!!

That being said, today was actually pretty... fun. It still does not change the fact that my school is screwed up to the point that even the superior being(s) would have trouble describing how bad it is; but this was at least a 0.0000001% improvement. For once I, the most socially awkward individual you'd ever meet, found a place to sit at lunch, said hi to my Chinese friend from last year, AND meet a HIM fan in my art class. The last part really made my day.

The tiny baby optimist in me hopes that this go well this year. Still, being a realistic pessimist, I won't set the bar too high or else I'll be very disappointed. At least for the first time in ages, I am tired because I got out and did something today.

Now I need to get back on track with things with this abandoned blog. Hee, hee, oops. Better get back to work...

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KK said...

Kind of a weird video, but I like the song. Welcome back to your blog! :)

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