02 May 2011

May Update

I haven't had the time to post many rants last month, but at least I got the abortion one up, done, and over with.

Anywho, this is my twelfth month blogging and it's kinda scary. At first I was sitting hopelessly at my desk, wondering it anyone would ever run into this, wondering if more than just Americans would take time to read, and wondering if this blog will flop while I was over on my trip last July. Thankfully, even as I look at my statistics, I get a few hundred views a month, local and abroad; some good friends comment every now and then; and some of my posts are read numerous times despite them being months old.

Sure, I might be a young blogger with a very small audience, but its enough to encourage me to come back at least twice a week. And because of that, I thank everyone. :)

May is just a month of whatever I feel like. But one thing I want to get up at some point is a review of Sucker Punch, a Type O Negative album (in memory of Pete being gone for over a year), and maybe a few other random things.

Once again, thanks to everyone who spends a few minutes every now and then to read my blog. I give you all virtual treats to nom on. *extends plate of treats*


PS - I'm now watching the Taiwanese version of Mars online, and so far, it is fantastic. If you haven't checked out my review of the manga yet, do so!

1 comment:

Rodster said...

Hey FanGirl, no problem, that's why we're here!!!

Thanks for keeping us all so well entertained!?!

The Rodster

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