24 December 2013

Final 2013 Update: Happy Holidays!

I'm glad to be home. After the long semester, I needed a break. Now I have a whole list of video games to play and blog posts to write, I have to manage my time better. Then it dawned on me that I'm now 20. Thank god those teenage years of angst are over, though I got through it pretty smoothly despite occasional periods of self-depreciation and depression.


Whether you celebrate Christmas religiously or commercially, another "similar" holiday that my country refuses to acknowledge, or a period of rest and family, I hope you all are well. Even if this time of year is like the other days of the year, remember to find some way to rest yourself mentally. Keep yourself sane, is what I'm getting at.

Meanwhile, I've got a review to finish.

But celebrating the 'Merican tradition of a commercial holiday that ruined the celebration of Jesus Christ's birth that replaced a pagan holiday the ancient Romans celebrated for their sun god is something I've got to do. Even if I have to listen to the same ten or so songs over and over again.

We really need to make the stale Christmas music genre vanish or revitalize itself.

Or stuff like this works. :D


Voltech said...

"Keep yourself sane, is what I'm getting at."

As the Red Cyclone and protector of the Russian skies Zangief would say, "TOO LATE!" Or, alternatively, "INTERCEPTED!"

Seriously, though, thanks for the well-wishes. Holidays -- well, life in general -- can be pretty stressful, but it's always best to look forward to brighter days. Because...well, why not? Could be a blast.

So yeah, right back at you. Happy holidays...and be wary of spinning Russian wrestlers.

Chalgyr Vokel said...

I might (probably) have never been sane to begin with... just sayin'.

Merry Christmas to you!

Melanie~Light said...

Haha, you guys know what I meant. Moderation. Relaxation. If you're not even a tad crazy, something's wrong with you. Balance the "sane" with the "insane", and you'll be fine. XD

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