01 November 2013

November 2013 Update

Halloween's always been an uneventful holiday. I don't do much. I love candy and [dark] chocolate, sure, but trick-or-treating wore off me pretty quickly. It happens when you don't live in one place your whole life. Oh well, I had enough spirit to dress up a bit. Nope, no pictures. No party, no nothing. I just got up, put on a skirt, corset, and combat boots and went to my classes feeling pretty good. Presentable and tasteful. How boring can that get?

To improve the mood, enjoy some purple bunnies.

Otherwise, I watched two seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, just to overcome my massive disappointment in the anime I put myself through. No music purchases lately, though I've been listening to Persona 4's soundtrack to get in the mood for the upcoming multi-part review. That can go underway now that Mass Effect 2 FINALLY ended. I apologize for the really, really long waits for the parts.

Also I just saw Ender's Game a few hours ago.

More like Ender's symphony.
I never read the book, so I doubt whatever I say will hold much water. So to simplify my opinion, I really liked it. Maybe the movie selection this year was so horrid that NOW we get a barrage of interesting or promising flicks at the last minute. Whatever it is, I enjoyed it.

This is why young Fangirl gave up her dream of
being an astronaut.
Gravity was good too. It was wonderful to see two new, well-crafted sci-fi flicks within one year. Or to be even more petty, it's great to see movies that had nothing to do with Ridley Scott and his Alien franchise or Tom Cruise trying to play a simultaneously interesting and badass character. Instead we got George Clooney being an extremely jarring male equivalent of a pollyanna and OMG, HARRISON FORD IS SEVENTY-ONE?!?! TT-TT

... *sniff* I'm sorry... This has been a nerve-wrecking year for me in my posts. I really have to chill.


I have a TON of work due this month, all of it includes typing. ... You see where this is going.

"PSAs from a Fangirl" and my "Music Mood" will be updated as usual, just to prove I'm still alive. Once I get over my workload hump, I'll get back into blog mode. Again, Persona 4 is coming up, along with whatever comes to mind in the next few weeks. Even I never know.

Meanwhile... counting down to hearing the badass baritone Benedict Cumberbleach voice Smaug in The Hobbit.



I meant "Cumberbatch"... Damn it. Stupid JeremyJahns and his stupid review... *mutter, mutter*

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