24 September 2013

'Mass Effect 2': Part III

Six down, six more to go. So many teammates. Not enough time. I do like these guys, but MAN! @_@

Okay, enough complaining. Let's get back on track and finish the characters you're stuck with. Miscellaneous guys will be mentioned briefly in part 4, when I finally end this review... I hope.

Because this was my first Mass Effect game and it's the one I've played the most, I can say quite a decent bit about it. But is it my favorite in the franchise?

... We'll see.

Once again, SPOILER warning.

13 September 2013

'Devil Survivor 2: The Animation'

I like anime. I really do. Some of the conventions and cliches are fun, hilarious, and enjoyable. Some characters fit the same mold constantly, but others break down boundaries and create a new spin on tropes of characterization.

Some shows are classics. Some are memorable and provide a lot of commentary. Some are forgettable, but still watchable. Others are just simply bad. Even fewer reach legendary levels of awful. Basically, anime is like everything else: movies, music, shows, books, and various other mediums of entertainment.

Maybe I've been on TV Tropes for far too long and I'm even more jaded than ever since I became a realistic pessimist. Maybe I'm just naturally finding faults in everything. Maybe I do too much simple research on suits, temperature, and health concerns before I dive into a public pool. Regardless of the reason, I came to the conclusion that Devil Survivor 2 The Animation is a sterile anime.

How it fairs as an adaptation will not be a strong factor as I have not played the game. However, I will stress a few things that rubbed the wrong way with me, still relatively new to the Shin Megami Tensei franchise.

To put it simply, this is Shiki meets Sonic Colors... with Altus and the SMT label slapped on for sales.

Great. Spoilers ahoy.

11 September 2013

'Mass Effect 2': Part II

This post is long... and way beyond overdue. Life and college tends to do that.

I apologize.


Taking some time away from these games to live my life and try new things, sometimes I get a fresh new view on Mass Effect. Although there is quite a good bit of the fiction I still really enjoy, there are others that have lost their luster.

Sometimes I go on and on about how lovable a cast can be, and it's only true to a certain extent. When it comes to stories in many mediums of fiction, I find myself truly caring about one in every four people. Most times it's because there's not enough time to develop and get to know these characters. Otherwise, another one in four is simply entertaining in the short term. The two quarters are either in the category of "Who gives a shit?" or "FALL IN A PIT AND DIE!"

Mass Effect has been pretty good in the sense that most characters fit in box two: short-lived, but fun. Some take up type three (forgettable) and almost no one is type four (except one person to be noted in the third game). Several people fit in box one... and it's thanks to this game.


If you don't want the plot ruined, PLEASE play the games. The Trilogy box set is about $35.00 for three games. $11.50 each: that's a deal. It's cheaper than buying ME1 on the Playstation Network.That is cheaper than Skyrim and all it's DLC. This is cheaper than Far Cry 3. And you get 90 hours of gameplay. What are you waiting for? BUY IT.

Or if you just like spoilers in general, keep on reading.

08 September 2013

200 Posts?!?!?!: Update and Mini Rants

It took me nearly a month to realize how many posts I've published. Holy Crap. O_O

Typically one would say "Thank you for helping me keep this blog strong!", but I won't. I say it on every "update" and it's tired out by this point. Yes, I am still thankful, but that's not going to be the purpose of this post.

Well, I want to mention the state of various posts I'm working on or I've promised I'd put up. Then I'll sprinkle in some things on my mind lately.

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