28 April 2013


Guess what came in the mail yesterday at 10:30 am right after Fangirl mowed the lawn?! Before everyone else in the states who have to buy it in stores on the 30th?

One CD, one DVD, a sweatshirt, a poster, and a digital copy. All for $35.00, minus tax.

And it's %$@#ing AWESOME.

Come back to me with a review in a few months after the euphoria dies down a bit. XD

P.S. Thank goodness I didn't kill myself over Persona 3. Everything's going uphill from here on out!

24 April 2013

April 2013 Update

Holy crap... Only three more weeks until my summer vacation begins. ...And it's hot, humid, and miserable. I want the cold back; I miss winter so much.

Maybe I need to move to the Arctic and meet a few polar bears...

Credit due to owner.

Anywho. Updates and ramblings...

10 April 2013

'Persona 3' Part V

*sips pomegranate tea*

... Note to self: never, ever, ever read Persona 3 fan fiction. Never again. Ever.

This has to be the worst game I have ever played. The story, the characters, the gameplay, the fans, the fanfiction, EVERYTHING related to this game deserves to be destroyed. If only there was an appropriate punishment worthy of this abomination of a game's existence! All thanks to Atlus, they owe me four trillion yen in tissues for P3P's New Game Plus ending alone! That's not even covering all the other non-Shinji relates moments in the game! Yukari's dad! Junpei and Chidori! Takeharu Kirijo! New Years Eve!

Why on earth did I play this game?! ...Oh, right, a bunch of other traumatized folks on the internet recommended it to me so I could join in the parade of misery. There... there are just no words...

That's it. I made it this far. There have been a few moments when I came very close to slicing my jugular open. Instead I threw a tantrum because I have self control! Today, I will end this review once and for all! I will not falter this time! Watch me!!

04 April 2013

'Persona 3' Part IV


Why this guy? Why now? Do I seriously have to pause the review for one stupid character?! He's barely in the game! There's no point in paying any attention to him!




Looks like I can't progress any further until I deal with this asshole first.

Damn it.


01 April 2013

'Persona 3' Part III

Okay, me, those boxes are deliberate. Such lazy censorship was clearly done by an amateur. What the hell are you hiding?

*sees hand with Fanta bottle of sand*

Ha! You can't stop me! I came prepared!

*wrestles with arm and twists thumb, forcing bottle to fall*

*free hand picks up bottle and throws it out the window*

*wraps once-aggressive hand in a cast to prevent movement*



Yes, something has been bugging me all throughout this review. At some point I will have to confront my subconscious and demand it to spill it out. I really feel like I'm purposefully avoiding something, as I keep making awkward pauses to slap myself back into shape.

But I must stay on track. If I don't figure out what this missing thing is before my final verdict... No. That won't happen. I will finish the detailed review with that missing thing! I will succeed, even if it kills me! I will stay strong until the end!

Well, enough of the silly battle cry! Let's move on into the plot, where spoilers will be common!


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