15 July 2012

July 2012 Update

I have been pretty silent lately because of my PS3. Lame excuse, I know. Since I refuse to take it with me to college until I am sure it will not be stolen by cheap morons, I want to treasure it as much as possible. So far, it's a really fun system and a billion times better than my PS2. The last thing I want to do is ramble on about my every opinion of the video game industry in a quick update post, so I may save it for later... along with the 70+ drafts waiting for my edits.

Forget Radical Train! Crisis City = un-####ING-controllable
Being a loyal fan, I made sure to play a Sonic game. Sonic Generations is so addictive and extremely nostalgic that it is a good enough reason for me to keep a console of this dying generation. After Sonic Heroes and Sonic Unleashed infuriated me to the point that I refused to beat them, this truly made me fall in love with the blue blur again. I easily spent three hours a day playing the mini games alone. Then I spent $17.00 on Sonic '06 and dared myself to beat it before I head off to college. To this very post I only completed 50% of Sonic's story before I pulled out my hair, threw my couch out the window, and cried myself to sleep. So much energy poorly channeled...

While on that went on, I tried to keep myself somewhat openminded. Assassin's Creed: Revelations and Dragon Age: Origins reminded me that I am no longer a child who cannot play anything above the T rating. The former game is so fun that I am excited for Assassin's Creed 3 this fall. The latter is so fun that I am scared for its mixed bag of a sequel. But that's nothing next to that OTHER controversial RPG.

Sonic Generations has collected dust for a few weeks because I've been playing Mass Effect 2 until it 3am most days. Once I heard about the new free downloadable content for the final installment that "fixes" the ending, I told myself to finally give the series a shot. So many hours of my life have been wasted. I regret little of it. Now that I have ME3, I can stop biting my nails, finish playing the series, and start writing more posts again.

In non-video game related stuff, my movie-going spirit has been at its all-time low with the abysmal Prometheus and the awkwardly executed Brave. Not to mention, The Dark Knight Rises is right around the corner, waiting for me to bite my thumb at everyone who throws praise at that overrated cash cow. Thankfully The Amazing Spiderman... was amazing, except 3D still sucks.

My music hunt has been pretty weak as well. My favorite acts either have no new content or are working on them, so I am left to find other bands to check out. Since electronic music is still my big craving, lately I've been considering checking out Julien-K and Kaya or diving deeper into Apoptygma Berzerk. Hell, if I'm desperate I'll try out Skrillex.

While in an indecisive phase, I'll look into my library and see what I can review for the sake of this blog. But, must... save Earth... from Reapers...  ... I need medical attention. T-T
What did I get myself into?

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Voltech said...

If you can track down a copy, I wholly recommend getting your hands on Valkyria Chronicles. It's got everything -- guns and tanks and bread and pigs and goat poop. You'll love it.

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