16 February 2012

It WAS That Day Again... (Plus the Usual...)

Sometimes I wonder what St. Valentine thinks when he looks down at all the commercial insanity with the cries of the unhappy people who bathe in the single life and the finicky lovers who never give the right gift in just the right way. I think he'd probably be happy he died before this madness ever took place.

Happy Belated Singles Awareness Day from the ever cynical Fangirl!!! :P

Everything's fine on my end. Filling out scholarships, browsing through college program applications, and visiting schools. The world did warn me that senior year is "tough and fun", at least with the first point they were right. I haven't updated much just so I could relax simply. Thinking of what to write every few days seemed a little less fun than listening to Dark Adrenaline, playing Ocarina of Time 3D, or rewatching Elfen Lied and Inuyasha.

But I think I'll have a few things to say to fill this empty space in the small corner of the internet. Reviews are more likely to happen since I have some material to nitpick. My rants are unpredictable and I did not write many last year because I don't want to get too repetitive with the topics. The list I wanted to make will have to be pushed further back due to my disorganization and being incredibly indecisive.

After this hiatus of sorts, I'll try to get back into the swing of things. Let's see what drafts I can edit up...

Until the next post, keep yourselves entertained, my prisoners. :P
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