16 September 2011

Still Stuck...

Thankfully there are so many anime series out there or else I'd be bored during this strike. I haven't updated my blog in a few days since I'm going through some material I might review later. My rant on books is on the way, but I need to be in the right state of mind.

For the time being though, I just finished the manga release of Elfen Lied... and took a two hour bath afterwards. In a way, that was a step down after attacking Death Note. Once I get to finish the anime, I'll rip it to shreds. Now with my depression worsening after that one awesome long anime I praised the other day, maybe I need some decent humor. Like... Full Metal Panic!

Don't bother to smack me for my ramblings, I seriously need to get out of the house. Is it wrong to say that I envy everyone who is back at school? This ain't much of a healthy picnic here! >.<


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