09 September 2011

Starting Off with a *BANG!* (kind of...)

Nearly everyone by now has returned to school with some spirit - positive or negative - and has begun to adapt to the busy hell all over again. I am the exception.

To keep it short, my teachers started a strike against our archdiocese over - what appears to be - job positions in the instance their schools close. In these lovely days of an unending limbo of economic stress, Catholic schools are suffering quite a good bit. So thanks to a long battle with no official end in sight, I have no idea when my school year will permanently begin. I had a half day yesterday, which was nothing more than administrators lecturing us for two hours and not providing us bus rides home. Nice community service, you good ol' Catholics.

On one hand this is nothing more than an annoyance. This is my final year of high school and I anxiously want all the crap done and over with. One more year of religion being shoved down my throat; one more year of classmates that I've known for far too long; and one more year of being trapped in suburban Pennsylvania. How I wish to spend time in the city... I need a serious change in environment. Still, being trapped in my house with no way of transportation gets incredibly old. Been there once and I don't want to experience it again. *shudders*

Well, I joked about this year going out with a *BANG!* As Bill Cosby once said, "God has a sense of humor." Funny indeed.

At least to pass the time I still have some things to keep me busy. I can finish my summer reading (and rant about it later), watch anime (currently crawling through Death Note), and start a few crafts. Speaking of which...

... I made this lanyard the other day. It's rather simple (having leather, metallic chains, and beads) but my keychains and dog tags aren't too heavy. So far so good.

As a bonus mood booster, Ben-chan's TRANS//LATION 2 arrived in my mail last week not long after Irene poked us. The only problem is where to put the picture. I don't want to damage it by hanging it on my wall, yet I can't let it sit and collect dust... Maybe I should make a scrapbook...

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"What's up, People?"- Maximum the Hormone


jessieann13 said...

Senior year can feel eternal, but its awesome when its over! Good luck!
P.S. I just stumbled upon your blog. It's awesome :)

Melanie~"Fangirl"~Light said...

that sounds very true. graduation looks nicer each day... but too far off... >.<

and thanks for taking a peak at my blog! ;)

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