30 August 2011

Early September Update: Post-Irene

Good news to some and bad to others... Irene barely hit us.

For some reason, almost nothing happened where I live, suburban Pennsylvania. There was a tornado warning from 10:00 Saturday night to 5:00 Sunday morning, but the wind never picked up enough to cause damage. Thankfully our area is not prone to flooding, so once the sun came back out in the afternoon, the ground was almost dry. Best of all, the sump pump was fixed long before the storm hit, and my Playstation 2 is perfectly safe.

But mom and I still had to mentally nurse ourselves. The power never went out, so I calmed my nerves by going through nearly thirty episodes of Inuyasha. Only mom got a few moments of sleep that night, and I plopped dead on my bed at 6:30. Even now, my internal clock is still backwards. After doing nothing on Sunday, we woke up today pretty much back to normal.

Still, I feel for everyone in New Jersey, which really got the brunt of it. This was a really historic week for the east coast: an earthquake in Virginia that was felt up into New York and Irene clobbered us. I won't ask "what's next?" just for the sake of our sanity.

I just wanted to let you all know in case some were a bit worried that Rants From a Fangirl might be dead for a while. Obviously it is not, and I will go back on track to whatever I do... so get back in your cells, my prisoners! :P

As a bonus: this song has been stuck in my head for weeks. Curse you, Ben-chan!!!

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Corrie said...

Hey fangirl! Glad to hear that Irene skirted you, but I heard about New Jersey on the news as well. Crazy how much flooding they have there. Also, I'm glad you're still updating your blog! :) I don't get very many comments either, but I'm trying to not let it bother me.

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