04 June 2011

Blogging: One Year Later

A message of "thank you so much" or "I love you all so much" is incredibly corny that I wish not to do so. But it's been a year and I get an average of 200-300 views a month from all over the world...

It was May 14 of last year when I made my first rant about Facebook. Only three people, my dad and two good friends on Pandora, knew I had a blog at the time, and they continue to pop in every once in a while to see what's on my mind. Over two months, I tried desperately to have some kind of style and something to talk about. Sure, this blog is called Rants From a Fangirl, but what could I talk about before reaching for the end of my rope? That was a huge issue, but it was also pretty difficult to understand that my opinions were exposed to the world and that anyone can read what I type.

Blogging was a chore in the sense that I had a small bag of ammunition and a really amateurish gun. In other words, I had few ideas and a weak tool to put them to use. As my July trip to Europe came closer, I wrote a quick farewell to mark my three week hiatus. While away, my blog was at the back of my mind and I expected nothing would change.

And like any story, the unexpected "twist" happened and I was proven wrong. I got back home in late July and made my "I'm back!" post, ready to get back to my dull routine. Suddenly at the end of the month, my stats showed I had over 100 page views. To be honest, I still don't know how that happened... o_O

During the end of summer I spent more time on various sites putting down melanie-light.blogspot.com everywhere I went. If I'm not mistaken, because of the time I spent on ValoDaily and LiveJournal I gained a few viewers from Europe and Russia. The next thing I knew, the month of August had a whooping 411 views. However things started up didn't matter anymore; I let go of trying to be big on the internet and I decided to do Rants From a Fangirl in my way.

I'm sure I have gained new followers and lost older ones, but the fact that some people come back to read the opinionated tangents this teenage American makes me happy. I might stand on the darker side of the stage online and in real life, but if a few people acknowledge this, then that effort was not wasted.

Here comes the corny, vomit-enducing message I want to say: thank you so much for reading my blog. Thank you for coming back again and again to see what I think about random stuff. Thank you, gracias, merci, grazie, danke, kiitos, ありがとう, 谢谢, etc. etc.

I wonder how long I'll keep my blog up and running... hmmm...

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