20 February 2011

Make the Old Youthful, and the New Legendary

'ello all. It's been a while. Hopefully your Singles Awareness Day was wonderful. Mine was just great as I coped quite happily about not having someone to snuggle. :P

But anyway... RANT TIME!!!!!


A few months back, I did a review on Let Me In, which is a remake of the Swedish film Let the Right One In. Other than the slight title change from a piece of advice to a demand and different names and location, there are absolutely no changes to the Swedish film. I find Let the Right One In to be a better quality film not just because it's a foreign movie, but because the plot ran smoothly, the characters were more interesting (the cat scene = epic win,) and the atmosphere was amazingly dead on creepy. The American counterpart, on the other hand, strayed too far from the book and moved so slowly that The Return of the King felt as short as a 30-minute cartoon show.

Part of me wonders why remakes happen. Is it because we're too lazy to read subtitles in a foreign production? We don't want to enjoy a story from a different environment? Or is it to make money?

Sometimes I just hate asking a question in which the answer is in my face.

What has inspired me to write this rant? Well, here's melinapendulum for you:

After watching this, I finally had enough curiosity to climb out of the millionth rock I have been buried under since my childhood. When it came out, I was too young to watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer. And for the past few days, I have been living off this series in my free time. Though I am about halfway through season 3 and I love the Buffy universe so far, I must protest to rebooting any aspect of this franchise.

Though Melina said it was the TV show that was being remade, entertainment articles have told that the plan basically is to remake the preceding 1992 movie. However, I, like Melina, find no reasonable excuse for a reboot. Like she said, the main show and the Angel spin-off ended about 6-7 years ago and the story is still continuing in the comic books. To allow a reboot now is comparable to remaking the Naruto anime so it can be more ACCESSIBLE to viewers of Americans cartoons.

Can there be anything nice to hope for in this impending mistake? Well, perhaps a reboot can fix some really silly 90's special effects with our modern stuff. (Seriously, the corpses and the vampire bites were hilariously fake. XD) Um... ... ... ... ... err... ... ... well... ... ... at least the movie doesn't have the rest of the well-loved cast from the show! (I can't really see anyone replacing some of my favorite characters *cAoNuGgEhL* *WcIoLuLgOhW* *cGoIuLgEhS* without destroying them.) What else? ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... hmm... ... ... ... I've got nothing.

But best of all... SUPPOSEDLY the actress playing Buffy might be Heather Morris. From Glee.... ... I have never watched Glee (and I intend to stay this way,) but I have seen far too many commercials about it. Now that I know what this chick looks like, my forced attempted at staying positive for the reboot has diminished greatly.

What I fear the most about this reboot is the possibility of it being Twilight-ized beyond repair, or the remake will be so successful that the entire show will be remade as well.

Let me make my stance clear right now. If you miss Buffy the Vampire Slayer so badly, search on Youtube, turn on the TV, or go to Netflix... AND WATCH IT. Or hell, buy the DVDs or box sets! You don't need to reboot something that is still so young. Furthermore, just because vampires are still loved, why do you have to dig up and re-pretty every single dead, but loved vampire stories that are perfect as they are? I hate to be mean to Anne Rice fans, but why not reboot Interview with a Vampire? Why not remake Queen of the Damned? That was a strange film that went so far out there, the tightrope walker fell towards earth, 1,000,000 kilometers below.

At this point and time, I can only conclude that people are feeding the vampire craze and milking the pecuniary benefits from it. Furthermore, I am now starting to believe that everyone is suffering from ADD. We cannot put up with material that is even two years old without thinking of redoing it. We offer a two-yeared successful tweeny pop wonder, who will fade in less than a decade, the chance to write an autobiography. We give a particular politician her own family reality TV show. And her very own daughter is supposedly going to write her own book too.

It seems that anything slightly old must be primed and up-to-date, while the new must be treated like a long-lasting legend.


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Tenebris In Lux said...

Whoo! New post!

Forgot how far into the series his appearance is, but I absolutely adored the vampire Spike. My boyfriend is appalled by this: but not by the fact that I'm (right now) obsessing over MM o_0

Yeah, I was kind of young to watch Buffy when it first came out, but I was able to watch the whole series last year during summer. *claps for Netflix*

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