22 December 2010

To Conclude 2010...

And of course, credit to owners. (Hopefully I won't die. lol)

It's hard to believe that the year went by so quickly; and that so much can happen in such a small amount of time. I have decided to make one or two more posts on my overview of this year... on things important to me. Melanie Light is such a self-centered witch, thank you. :P
Some Memorable Mentions:

One Year, Ten Months, and Eight Days Later...

I was never one to love a particular band or artist above all else for years. All sorts of music can sound enjoyable to my ears, and once I found one thing amazing, something better will ultimately come around. That's how HIM ended Evanescence's two-year claim to the throne. Even if another come around and rises up to them, I hope I don't discard HIM just as I have done to some other bands I used to listen to so much (like Lacuna Coil and Breaking Benjamin... *sniff*). But for now, HIM has reigned for one year, ten months, and eight days...

Meanwhile, I wonder if the fanbase has chilled a bit...


Last month's Marilyn Manson post received more views than I expected, and it's great that it was a rant not wasted. In a dying year when we think back on what we received, I'm thankful I had the chance to learn more about the fearfully awesome double M. Clicky to read my lovely post on him. :)

PS - Tenebris In Lux, I'd love to read your post about your take on Marilyn Manson, especially when you're more of a fan than I am. Haha! And here's the link to where I found this picture. :)

Not Quite Under a Rock Anymore

Although my visits to Pandora Internet Radio have waned dramatically this year, I was still around to hear of the three pop stars that make my skin crawl: GaGa, Kesha, and the Beaver. While roaming around thatguywiththeglasses.com, a hilariously fun site with great ranters of all kinds, I found Todd In the Shadows. He calls himself a "popologist" and reviews the latest disasters, annoyances, and piles of dung from the hottest artists. And he's hilarious about it. I might still not listen to pop music, at least I can take a peak from under the rock. Who knows, maybe I can learn to appreciate the genre again. If you love it or not, I highly recommend viewing his latest videos on thatguywiththeglasses.com or his older videos on his Youtube channel. :)

Deaths in the Heavy Metal Family

Damn, death sucks. This was a pretty sad [and kinda scary] year for heavy metal. Though I never really was a fan or real listener to the bands these guys played in, it still hit me hard, since I was familiar with the names of them or their bands.
  • Pete Steele of Type O Negative (pictured above). Just when I got to enjoy Type O Negative's music on Pandora, three days later, bassist and singer Pete Steele died. I can't really explain how upset and annoyed I was when I heard of it. To start to like a band and lose all hopes of possibly going to a concert of theirs.... depressing.
  • Paul Gray of Slipknot. I never really liked this band, but playing "Before I Forget" on Guitar Hero III was always really fun. From my experiences, Slipknot was the poster for a heavy metal band with obnoxious, prideful, and rude fans. Oh well. I still felt really bad for them and refrained from commenting on the Slipknot page on Pandora.
  • "The Rev" from Avenged Sevenfold. Another band I never tried out, but recognized the name. Death is not something I take lightly, even for deaths of people I never heard of. So like Paul Gray, I can't say much about James Sullivan and his band, but I hold regard to their mourning fans.
  • Ronnie James Dio. A legend. DEAD. The best I could do was look up videos on his funeral, especially when Metal Hammer mentioned that the Westboro Baptist Church was planning to picket it. Thankfully nothing stupid or insane came from it, but those "God Hates Fags" people really had no respect for the death of a man. All they seemed to say was, "Thank God that Satan-worshipper is burning in hell right now!" Morons.

Maybe one or two others passed on, but these four left a mark for me in some small way. But all others who died are no less important.

People to People 2010

I never had the time to post pictures or write about my experience, but maybe sometime next year. I SWEAR.
But to keep it short, it was a fantastic trip. Ireland was beautifully green and calm; Wales could have been better, but some locals insulted us in Welsh ^^'; England, hands down, was the best, especially London (if only my camera didn't malfunction...); France had wonderful bread... and hot chocolate; Belgium and Holland were short stops, but both countries were lovely. :)

December 23 Is My Seventeenth Birthday And...

... I still don't have my driver's permit. XD

High School Is Over Half-Way Completed

Junior year is tough, but at least college is not too far off... (speaking of which, oh God. Where am I going?!) As much as I love my friends there, I really dislike the "new school" more than I usually detest school in general. So don't be surprised if I have a religion rant similar to what I had over a week ago. At least from there, I can find new topics to rant about. :)

Eight Months of Blogging?! WHOOT!!!!

It seemed it was only yesterday when I wanted to start a blog...
Rants From a Fangirl is all about me writing about whatever I want, whenever I want. No matter what I will excel at in a future career, my creativity in drawing or writing will always be my backup plan. So until that day comes, pruning and refining these skills while I can will always count. I might not be in an AP Literature class yet, but this will be good practice.
Say I suck at writing and you shall die... or maybe I'll weep and try better next time. >:P

Though it's early, Merry Christmas to all who celebrate it, Happy Holidays to everyone else, and Happy New Year to all! :)
- Melanie~"Fangirl"~Light

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Tenebris In Lux said...

Where'd you get that photo of "Freddy"? It's absolutely adorable! *wants to give him a big hug*

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