16 December 2010

My Art

(FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER!!!!!!! Credit goes to MOI!!!!!! XD)

I just finished a piece that's due tomorrow for my Studio Art 1 class. Procrastination is a demon I still must defeat, but it hasn't destroyed my soul yet. ;) We were given three weeks to work on it; I drew this both last night and a few minutes ago.

I'm proud that though I do complain a bit, I have some form of artistic talent. Looks like I need to use it more often. :P

Photo piece is based on:

If anyone comments, say nothing mean, or else you die. XD


Tenebris In Lux said...

Nice! Pencil sketching is my favourite medium .. I haven't had much time lately to practice or do as much with my sketch pad, but wow! Nice job - I should really have no excuse to work on my DIY over winter break ..

Tenebris In Lux said...

Er, "no excuse to NOT work on my DIY over break .."

Corrie said...

That's awesome, Fangirl! You did a great job on that drawing. :D And I agree with you, I love drawing but don't do it often enough. Although when I go home for break I'll be working on my Christmas cards, so maybe that can make-up for my lack of drawing and crafting?? Lol. :D

Rodster said...

Very cool stuff!!!

Oh, and...sorry for passing the procrastination gene to ya :-o

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