31 December 2010

The End of 2010

Well... this is it, everyone. Over here in Pennsylvania, there's only nine more hours until everyone goes psychotic. I was never one to party or celebrate things like this, but whatever you're doing today, have fun. And Happy New Year. :)

A few posts ago, To Conclude 2010 was basically an overview of what mattered to me. I would go and reminisce on the old news on health care reform, the Tea Party, Korea, the miners in South America, and the economy in limbo... but I'm a self-centered brat. Obviously. :P

Now I will mention the bands/artists, albums, and songs that meant a lot to me this year, regardless when they came out. (I swear that I rip off of Tenebris in Lux too much...)


1. Dommin, the boys who toured with HIM in the states this year. Probably the best performance that March night. Too bad I missed them with The Birthday Massacre in September. :'(

2. Diminished 7, the band Tenebris introduced me to.

3. Type O Negative, who lost their beloved singer and bassist. RIP, Pete.

4. Emilie Autumn, an amazing musician and singer who tested the boundary of my music preference. I hope I can get her autobiography...

5. Marilyn Manson. Don't make me re-explain why. :P


1. Love is Gone - Dommin
2. Bloody Kisses - Type O Negative
3. Scream - Ozzy Osbourne
4. Greatest Hits 1970-1978 - Black Sabbath
5. Screamworks: Love in Theory and Practice - HIM
6. Unbeautiful - Lesley Roy
7. Enchant - Emilie Autumn


5. "In the Arms of Rain" - HIM <- I hate lyric-only videos... *sigh*
10. "Años de Dolor" - To/Die/For <- sound quality is funny... :/

And the song - um... "mash-up" - that made me laugh so hard that it is an honerable mention for 2010:

29 December 2010

'Razorblade Romance'

(CREDIT: Truely not mine. Obviously.)
My Rank: 4.3 out of 5 <- THE PINK BURNS ME EYES!

The first time I saw this album, I was ready to puke my organs out. The first listen wasn't so bad... but the nausia remained.

Yes, Razorblade Romance is obnoxious in many ways. It's bright. It's PINK. The music remindes one of eating hard candy. The love songs are so corny you want to shoot Cupid with a bazooka. And Ville Valo... WHY look so ridiculous?! The worst part is... this album is lovable.

It's like that loud class clown who does the stupidest things to get people to pay attention to his joke. But at least, the joke makes the majority of the class genuinely laugh until they cry. And no, Razorblade Romance is not that fantastic, but it's kinda hard to think badly of it.

Let's re-examine the formula this album is based on: Cliche love songs to make the females' hearts flutter? CHECK. A singer whose charisma and voice make the estrogen rise at dangerous levels? CHECK. A product whose appearance screams "Look at me!" to passerby? CHECK. A rock band that plays their instruments well enough to bring wine to make the cheese taste better? Well, a friend of mine on Pandora once commented that one of the songs off this record had badass riffs and lyrics that made vomit slightly rise to his throat. So I guess that's another CHECK.

So yeah. This record is a cocktail of [a very small amount of] goth, hard rock, love, the 80's, and glam. And a song that sounds like a rip off of Bon Jovi. ...and high fructose corn syrup.

Because listening to this is like having a really fruity, tart, and strong non-alcoholic drink at a resteraunt, Razorblade Romance should not be a first purchase for anyone interested in HIM. At least, that's just me talking. Any HIM fan I have seen as said this is the band at their peak (which is true in terms of record sales and European popularity,) but this is a wilder side of HIM I was not ready for when I was a new fan. If my one Pandora friend only listened to HIM songs off this album, he might have ran away like the plague was coming. So if you are one who doesn't like to be surprised too much... avoid this for now. Razorblade Romance is best as a second or third HIM purchase.

Some highlights I'd like to name are "Razorblade Kiss," "Death Is in Love with Us," "Join Me in Death," and "Right Here in My Arms." The singles are definately worth checking out though... but prepared for the look of "Join Me in Death..." that one is... interesting.

If you ask me, this is the HIM album I listen to the LEAST. I love it, since I love each record almost equally, but this is not one I would talk too much about. It's like a place I'd only visit every once in a while, but my mind is too preoccupied by other things. When life gets too busy, sometimes I need that insane clown to scream, "LOOK AT ME, FANGIRL!!!" for me to laugh for a while...

24 December 2010

'Little Fockers'

(CREDIT: to the owner... obviously.)
My Rank = 3/5 <-- a good laugh

Yesterday was a great birthday. The Nostalgia Critic made a hilarious Christmas special, I stole a cookie from one of my friends (long story), and my mom and friends from church took me to dinner and saw Little Fockers. So many laughs in such a short day.

I admit that I never watched Meet the Parents or Meet the Fockers, so I can't say if this serves the prequels justice, but man, this film was cool. Maybe I liked it so much because I didn't expect too much from it in the first place. Comedy is a hit-or-miss that I take very seriously, and my problem with the genre mostly lies in execution of wit and laughs. As for stupid humor, like the stuff Will Ferrell does... don't be shocked if I turn down the opportunity to see it. Perhaps it's my subconscious taking revenge on the world for never understanding the dry humor my family and friends love me for. But thankfully this film left me laughing over a scene even a minute after it ended. As I walked out of the film, I was still laughing. This film deserves a gold star for it, because this is a rarity.

The film is basically family drama that most of us can relate to, and all hell breaks loose when Robert DeNiro's character names Greg Focker (Stiller) the head of the entire family (giving away the title will ruin one of the funniest jokes.) From syringes, pits, animals, eastern wisdom, and misunderstandings... I say that the movie executed jokes well.

However, that's the only field that did justice. The plot was fairly weak and some plot holes were left uncovered. The each character had one dynamic trait that separated them from the others, but they were two-dimensional. The kids, which I assume gave the film its name, barely had to do with the story on a microcosmic level. In a way, Little Fockers is a misnomer.

Overall, the movie proved itself better than I hoped comically, though lacked in plot. My mom said that it's predecessors are much better, and I'm curious to see if the others are funnier. Despite that, I recommend it, even if you are curious.

So... I wonder if Netflix has Meet the Parents as an instant watch...

22 December 2010

To Conclude 2010...

And of course, credit to owners. (Hopefully I won't die. lol)

It's hard to believe that the year went by so quickly; and that so much can happen in such a small amount of time. I have decided to make one or two more posts on my overview of this year... on things important to me. Melanie Light is such a self-centered witch, thank you. :P
Some Memorable Mentions:

One Year, Ten Months, and Eight Days Later...

I was never one to love a particular band or artist above all else for years. All sorts of music can sound enjoyable to my ears, and once I found one thing amazing, something better will ultimately come around. That's how HIM ended Evanescence's two-year claim to the throne. Even if another come around and rises up to them, I hope I don't discard HIM just as I have done to some other bands I used to listen to so much (like Lacuna Coil and Breaking Benjamin... *sniff*). But for now, HIM has reigned for one year, ten months, and eight days...

Meanwhile, I wonder if the fanbase has chilled a bit...


Last month's Marilyn Manson post received more views than I expected, and it's great that it was a rant not wasted. In a dying year when we think back on what we received, I'm thankful I had the chance to learn more about the fearfully awesome double M. Clicky to read my lovely post on him. :)

PS - Tenebris In Lux, I'd love to read your post about your take on Marilyn Manson, especially when you're more of a fan than I am. Haha! And here's the link to where I found this picture. :)

Not Quite Under a Rock Anymore

Although my visits to Pandora Internet Radio have waned dramatically this year, I was still around to hear of the three pop stars that make my skin crawl: GaGa, Kesha, and the Beaver. While roaming around thatguywiththeglasses.com, a hilariously fun site with great ranters of all kinds, I found Todd In the Shadows. He calls himself a "popologist" and reviews the latest disasters, annoyances, and piles of dung from the hottest artists. And he's hilarious about it. I might still not listen to pop music, at least I can take a peak from under the rock. Who knows, maybe I can learn to appreciate the genre again. If you love it or not, I highly recommend viewing his latest videos on thatguywiththeglasses.com or his older videos on his Youtube channel. :)

Deaths in the Heavy Metal Family

Damn, death sucks. This was a pretty sad [and kinda scary] year for heavy metal. Though I never really was a fan or real listener to the bands these guys played in, it still hit me hard, since I was familiar with the names of them or their bands.
  • Pete Steele of Type O Negative (pictured above). Just when I got to enjoy Type O Negative's music on Pandora, three days later, bassist and singer Pete Steele died. I can't really explain how upset and annoyed I was when I heard of it. To start to like a band and lose all hopes of possibly going to a concert of theirs.... depressing.
  • Paul Gray of Slipknot. I never really liked this band, but playing "Before I Forget" on Guitar Hero III was always really fun. From my experiences, Slipknot was the poster for a heavy metal band with obnoxious, prideful, and rude fans. Oh well. I still felt really bad for them and refrained from commenting on the Slipknot page on Pandora.
  • "The Rev" from Avenged Sevenfold. Another band I never tried out, but recognized the name. Death is not something I take lightly, even for deaths of people I never heard of. So like Paul Gray, I can't say much about James Sullivan and his band, but I hold regard to their mourning fans.
  • Ronnie James Dio. A legend. DEAD. The best I could do was look up videos on his funeral, especially when Metal Hammer mentioned that the Westboro Baptist Church was planning to picket it. Thankfully nothing stupid or insane came from it, but those "God Hates Fags" people really had no respect for the death of a man. All they seemed to say was, "Thank God that Satan-worshipper is burning in hell right now!" Morons.

Maybe one or two others passed on, but these four left a mark for me in some small way. But all others who died are no less important.

People to People 2010

I never had the time to post pictures or write about my experience, but maybe sometime next year. I SWEAR.
But to keep it short, it was a fantastic trip. Ireland was beautifully green and calm; Wales could have been better, but some locals insulted us in Welsh ^^'; England, hands down, was the best, especially London (if only my camera didn't malfunction...); France had wonderful bread... and hot chocolate; Belgium and Holland were short stops, but both countries were lovely. :)

December 23 Is My Seventeenth Birthday And...

... I still don't have my driver's permit. XD

High School Is Over Half-Way Completed

Junior year is tough, but at least college is not too far off... (speaking of which, oh God. Where am I going?!) As much as I love my friends there, I really dislike the "new school" more than I usually detest school in general. So don't be surprised if I have a religion rant similar to what I had over a week ago. At least from there, I can find new topics to rant about. :)

Eight Months of Blogging?! WHOOT!!!!

It seemed it was only yesterday when I wanted to start a blog...
Rants From a Fangirl is all about me writing about whatever I want, whenever I want. No matter what I will excel at in a future career, my creativity in drawing or writing will always be my backup plan. So until that day comes, pruning and refining these skills while I can will always count. I might not be in an AP Literature class yet, but this will be good practice.
Say I suck at writing and you shall die... or maybe I'll weep and try better next time. >:P

Though it's early, Merry Christmas to all who celebrate it, Happy Holidays to everyone else, and Happy New Year to all! :)
- Melanie~"Fangirl"~Light

16 December 2010

My Art

(FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER!!!!!!! Credit goes to MOI!!!!!! XD)

I just finished a piece that's due tomorrow for my Studio Art 1 class. Procrastination is a demon I still must defeat, but it hasn't destroyed my soul yet. ;) We were given three weeks to work on it; I drew this both last night and a few minutes ago.

I'm proud that though I do complain a bit, I have some form of artistic talent. Looks like I need to use it more often. :P

Photo piece is based on:

If anyone comments, say nothing mean, or else you die. XD

14 December 2010


(CREDIT: to the genius who smashed a VHS tape with a hammer on his kitchen floor. XD)
My Rank: 3.5 out of 5 <- what a relief

Please excuse my fowl mouth for a moment, but this remix album scared the living shit out of me. Ever since heartagram.com made an announcement about this in November, the whole HIM fanbase went batshit insane. People spent time making conspiracy theories about the cover image, complaining that HIM is - heaven forbid -releasing A THIRD remix compilation, blaming Warner for the failure of Screamworks, and detoxing from the very short tour the band had this era. Once the bonfire spread, I forced myself off Valo Daily and other HIM sites until the maelstrom died down. Even now, I'm still unwilling to go back for the time being.

Well, in my world, at least it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.

When I first heard the sample on the "splash" page that the banner here lead to, I couldn't help but laugh at the hilarity of the "In Venere Veritas" remix. It wasn't in a bad way, since it happens every time I listen to a new HIM record; there is one track that makes me giggle, like laughing at a friend just being himself. The remix was just... HIM in their own way. But it didn't take from the fact that the track lowered my expectations of SWRMXS from "OMG!!!!!" to "eh". I don't listen to many remixes (the Dope Stars Inc.'s mix of Emilie Autumn's "Dead Is the New Alive" is the only one I can recall enjoying) and hearing "In Venere Veritas (Huoratron Remix)" made me have doubts about how the others would sound... Thankfully, most of them were much better.

When you listen to music, do you create a world within your mind to complement it? It's like reading a book and imagining the scenes so the words on the page become something more real and understandable. In a similar fashion, I already had an "established" imagination for each song and the remixes expanded them and added another dimension. It is especially true for "In the Arms of Rain (SALEM Remix)," "Ode to Solitude (Gavin Russom Remix),"and "Love, The Hardest Way (Tiësto Remix)," which are some of the best off SWRMXS.

And as excited as I was for "Heartkiller (The Mercy Fvcks Remix)"... I wasn't expecting it to be so hilariously, and crazily fun. XD (Man, when will The Mercy Fvcks make music already?!)

But of course, there are good bit of downsides to this. Some of the remixes are too long, while the original songs are too short; SWRMXS is nearly twenty minutes longer than Sreamworks. This made me a bit curious... Some remixes made their counterparts look really lame ("Love, the Hardest Way",) others did no improvement ("Shatter Me with Hope",) and some remixes are just embarrassing ("Like St. Valentine/Acoustic Funeral/Katherine Wheel.")

To give this a 3 is unfair, but a 4 is too much, so this rests in the middle. SWRMXS was a great effort Ville made while the other boys work on their side projects, and I'm thankful he did this. Who knows, maybe in two weeks I'll love this more, or I'll downright loathe it. But for now, it's all I'm listening to every night.

Hey, the bright side is that if I end up hating this remix album, at least I got a free t-shirt from pre-ordering. XD

08 December 2010

'Eat Me, Drink Me'

(CREDIT: to the rightful owner or else this guy will kill me... o_O lol)
My Rank: 2.6 out of 5 <- just meh... :/

Although lately I am still screaming longer and louder praises to the double M, to be blunt, this album was a reason why I wasn't into him until now. I am still beating myself for this being my first Marilyn Manson purchase. REALLY BAD MISTAKE.

I liked it when I bought it. A combination of industrial and alternative rock into a dark, twisted gloom. Pretty sweet. But all that was missing was the very thing that Marilyn Manson was good at. Having a bark so obnoxious (not in a bad way) that makes most people believe the bite is just as deadly. This album left me thinking, "Well, that's not so scary. It's fun, but it's not that aggressive."

Due to the lack of research back then, I had no clue that this record was made by Manson and Tim Skold. Then and there, I got not one band member that every fan talked about. Especially Twiggy. No Twiggy. But that's what I get for being an ignorant newbie at the time. But yet, I didn't want to buy the most esteemed album just in case it was the most overrated thing I ever heard. That's why you have to pick your battles. It's a shame I lost this one, but at least I got to the goal a few months later.

Really, the material on this record is pretty slow and bleak that I vaguely remember some of the songs. "Putting Holes in Happiness" was a great song (unlike the music video...) as well as "You and Me and the Devil Makes Three," "If I Was Your Vampire," and "Heart-Shaped Glasses" (again, not very enjoyable video.) But don't go by my word; I'm still no Marilyn Manson know-it-all AND I can't remember the last time I listened to this whole record.

Fore sure, make this one of the last MM purchases. Hopefully I get another of his albums this Christmas and I'm not as disappointed. Though I still feel sad giving this album a rank around that of Linkin Park's "The Catalyst." At least this record wasn't pointless and obnoxious like that song.

The moral of this story: make a well-thoughtout decision before purchasing. If nothing works, always buy the greatest hits compilation...


(CREDIT: to the obvious folks. not me for sure. ^_^)
My Rank: 5 out of 5 <- a lifesaver

Finally, I get to write a review about one of my favorite musicians of all time so far! (That was oxymoronic, wasn't it? ^_^')

This album saved my life last year. I was taking Honors Chemistry and struggling to get a decent grade on [what seemed to be] simple homework and long lab reports. Most times, I chilled on my bed and wrote out my recitations while Enchant played at top volume from my headphones, lying next to me. Sometimes she played during lab report nights, but frustration told me to blast a few Marilyn Manson tracks (I was experimenting with his stuff back then.) HIM would never cut it because I would get far too distracted by the desire to look up interviews.

Maybe I'm too attached to this album because it helped me so much in the hardest class I had ever taken in my school career up to this point. But this was perfect enough for me to focus on my work and not suffer a massive breakdown.

I can't fully describe what kind of music Emilie Autumn makes. She's crazy enough for a rock fan, upbeat and electronic like today's pop music, but adds a punch with amazing performances with violins, pianos, and harpsichords. Her voice isn't too bad as well. Opheliac clearly has these elements, plus a good overdose of asylum-esque insanity, but Enchant is different. This is a calmer, sweeter Emilie Autumn ("Across the Sky," "Juliet," "Save You") but still having a bit of spunk ("Chambermaid," "Rose Red," "Secondhand Faith").

Like every album, two or so songs aren't so fantastic here, but they never took away the experience of this album. This semi-metalhead willingly and happily accepted this short vacation from headbanging, aggressive screams, and guitar solos. I really can't explain how much this album has captured me. A trip down memory lane, when I used to thought fairy tales were not so embarrassing to dream of ("Juliet" did this to me for sure)? Now that I am no longer in Chemistry, I haven't listened to Enchant in its entirety in a while. Emilie Autumn, thank you for this masterpiece, this lifesaver.

Pandora Internet Radio says that fans of The Birthday Massacre, Evanescence, Within Temptation, and Epica. If you like female singers like Amy Lee, Sharon den Andel, Simone Simons, or other similar chicks in rock and metal, you might like Emilie. The Birthday Massacre is only similar due to slight gothic atmosphere, electronic influence, and their singer Chibi. Otherwise, this can be debated. These comparisons can be useful for Opheliac, but Enchant sounds too "folky."

I highly recommend Emilie Autumn as an artist to give a try. Opheliac and Enchant are brilliant, so it doesn't matter what you go by. But note that this is a rare time I will advise DOWNLOADING the albums. ESPECIALLY Enchant, because physical CDs are out of print. Have fun. :P

You know, why am I sitting and listening to Type O Negative right now?! *grabs iPod to look up Enchant...*

02 December 2010

Layout Finalized

Because of all the crap I have here, it's been hard to layout everything work out and fit. Sadly, the entries look too long and intimidating. :/

Feedback is welcome. :)
And yes, the background will be permanent for a while.

The Rant That Will Truly Lose Blog Viewers...

Normally, accepting that everyone holds different ideas and values doesn't come as a struggle for me... in theory. As you might be aware by now (or it's quite obvious,) I am a stubborn human being with strong opinions. But for the most part, if I argue with someone, I will weasel myself out because I don't want to be offensive or make a fool of my own statements. That's why I prefer to write down my views so they are expressed as clearly as I can without someone interrupting me. But that technique would fail in a formal debate...

Once again I did that today. I brought something up with my friend; a kid next to me starting talking about it; and the conversation got pretty (more like really) red-hot. I forced myself to finally say "I don't know" just to drop the subject for good. At least from that, I realized I was right about one assumption all along.

As long as I'm different from the crowd, I will be alone but I have to coexist by causing as few problems possible.

NOTE: I do NOT hate anyone of any side of the political or religious spectrum. Both the left and right have their faults. This is a rant that has no intention whatsoever of causing offense to person; deciding to disown me as an online friend; OR starting any fiery debates. We get enough drama in American Politics.

It's incredibly tough going to a Catholic High School. No, a conservative Catholic High School. The environment is stifling, so far on the one extreme that anyone slightly away from it is looked down upon. There is almost an insincerity in how people express and present themselves. Plus, it doesn't help that the area I live in, one hour away from Philadelphia, is so rural that it has a small town essence. Everyone knows each other.

The fact that I never lived in one place longer than three years has probably fed my desire to travel and be on the move. As of August this year, I have been living in Pennsylvania for seven, long, restless years. It took me four or five to make the friends I have now. Ever since I've been here, I was the strange kid no one has ever seen before; the loner who is weird and has problems; the quiet one who hates people; the girl who must be a lesbian because no boy acknowledges her existence. I'm saying this to paint the scene; I don't expect any sympathy since I know that's how things were [and still are] and I accept that fact.

Despite my social issues that continue to persist, my biggest obstacle right now is religion. I was born and raised a Catholic, though my parents never seriously practiced. For a while, I didn't mind the fact I had religion classes in a Catholic school; it was mandatory and perfectly fine. But when the school had guests show explicit videos on anti-abortion, things started not to click with my thought process and what I was taught. My parents have always been supportive and didn't care what I believed, but my school expected that all who attended were Catholics.

But as I left my grade school and went to high school, the way religion was taught grew more and more strict and absolute. (Wouldn't it be the opposite since teenagers can think more independently than children?) My first high school wasn't too bad since my two religion teachers were cool. One of them actually encouraged reasoning and explained WHY things were a certain way (with sources other than the Bible and the Catechism of the Catholic Church.) But once the school closed and fused with another, this school year has been hell. My current class is quite similar to how Dolores Umbridge treated her Defense Against the Dark Arts classes in Harry Potter 5.

Now, back onto what happened today. In religion class, my teacher showed two videos that he flipped out about and sent the class in an uproar (NOTE: I was facepalming the whole time.) A news story said that a group of atheists spent about $20,000 on a billboard sign in New Jersey saying something around the lines of:

"Christmas is a myth. Celebrate the season with reason."

In anger, Christians put up a billboard saying:

"Christmas is real. Celebrate Jesus."

As much as I believe in freedom of speech and expression... was it necessary for Christians to react over ONE SIGN? I understand one would be angry, but really? Every meager dollar bill say "In God We Trust" and our pledge of allegiance has "...one nation over God," and do atheists go all out on controversy? The difference here is that those things are everywhere. But. This. Is. Just. One. Sign! THERE ARE WORSE THINGS! But did the atheists make a smart move? If the message didn't come out so harshly, then maybe, maybe not. I think they had the right to do it, and I give that minority group credit for standing up to the majority.

My teacher argued that the atheists wasted money on a pointless sign. But didn't the Christians do the exact same thing? Pay money to raise the volume of their own voices up?

As for the argument I avoided? The boy said how angry he was by it and that how atheists believe in nothing and have far less proof than Christians do. I weaseled out... because I consider myself an agnostic atheist.

I don't believe in Christianity anymore because nothing clicked with me anymore. The basic laws of how to treat others and the concept of a higher being didn't seem too different to any other religion. The environment of "everything is black or white" set me off. Life is not that easy. If life was black or white, the abortion, contraception, abstinence, gay/lesbian/bi/transgender, and priest pedophilia issues would have ended already. There would only be one true religion. Life would be boring if there was no "grey," no uncertainty, no doubts.

The bottom line is, I have found some truth in everything I hear. I have found no absolute right answer to the big questions.

It took me a few years to think things through, but I am now coming to terms that I am still in a questioning phase in my life. But for now, I don't believe any description of a higher being has convinced me that it is true. Whatever created us, I have no idea. Why we are as we are, I have no idea. And if I am never to know the answer, than so be it. I would rather live life as I have accepted to be right and die happy. If life is a roller coaster that ends unfinished above a deep, endless pit of nothingness, let me enjoy the ride while I still can.

If no other "non-believers" or atheists think like I do, then oh well. This is what I believe. And I wasn't going to say it to that boy, or else he's treat me as if I'm a stereotypical God-denier, despairing lone soul, or a delusional girl who will die an old maid. That was a war I wasn't going to fight. But on the last day of senior year, I might go onto the intercom system and announce that I'm a non-believer. That'd be a joy comparable as to saying "SO LONG, PAST LIFE! I AM FINALLY FREE!"

I will not be surprised if anyone was offended by what I have written. But know that if my friends read this, don't think that I deeply resent believers of any faith. I disagree with how religions function and what they believe (I'm surprised my friends haven't duck-taped my opinionated mouth shut yet...) but I don't hold grudges against people because they support it. Being intentionally unreasonable, forceful, and hateful on the other hand... are things I really hate. :)

So one would ask me: Fangirl, after this long bitch-rant, why continue to go to a Catholic High School?
I have three reasons:
  1. Public school destroyed the happy kid I once was. I entered smiling and friendly and left depressed andreserved. If i do go to public school, I would have to go to one in an area that is deemed "backwards" and having "racial issues." This is my only option, a lesser of two evils.
  2. If I leave high school now, senior year will be tough. I need to readapt to a group of kids that have known each other since... freshman year. Plus, academic awards would be extremely hard for me to even possibly obtain.
  3. The biggest reason of all. My friends are there. The three friends who tolerate my odd, annoying self. The friends who listen to my problems, and I listen back. The friends who don't care that I don't follow the crowd. The friends who I finally can spend hours on the phone with. And the friends who tease me to pluck my eyebrows and get my drivers permit.
This rant is much longer than I anticipated... hopefully I don't get any hate messages... o_O

I conclude with this:

Believe what you want as long as you are happy. Know what is true to you and cherish it. And pick your battles. So head to a stranger's house and say, "So, what about them crazy politicians?" "Have you heard the latest religion/atheist controversy?"
And I hope you all have no injuries on the battlefield. :D
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